Things Jesus Never Said.

February 24, 2014 ThatAndy 3

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Weekly Roundup: The Hate | Hope Edition

August 25, 2012 ThatAndy 0

With @richardlittleda @christiancouk @jesusneedsnewpr

Looking at the Trend of Hate in America, different ways of looking at theology, Todd Bentley, the church and social media, food banks – and more.

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Weekly RoundUp: The Serious Edition

July 21, 2012 ThatAndy 0

With thanks to @Rest0red @emilyhewson @samggibb @IanGBlack @davebish @davidmkeen

Including a look at the need for professional youthworkers, biblical masculinity, Christian reactions to 50 shades of grey, Cardigans, Food Banks, Gun Control, and more…