In Defence Of Homer Simpson – The Telltale Head

Inspired by a Church Sermon that said “don’t be like Homer Simpson”, I started watching The Simpsons to decide. Is he really that bad? Here’s what I thought of The Telltale Head:

In the Telltale Head, Bart pulls a prank, asks Homer for advice, the family go to church, and father and son face the first Springfield mob – together. Somewhere in the midst of the above we have a look at what and how we show respect.

Which is all really deep and really packed for a Simpsons episode – and not a long one either.

Safe Christian Conversations At Christmas

Welcome to Christmas! A Time of peace, harmony, and good will to all men.

This during a time where countries all around the world seem split more then normal. (eg. I personally think that Brexit is a silly word) Against the backdrop of national and international splits, there are the gatherings of family from all corners of the country, and political spectrums. These families are around a table, having an amazing meal. The problem with this picture is that there are times when you’re not eating, and you are generally meant to be talking… or something.

So what should we be talking about? In a year where it seems that many countries are divided about… something, what is safe to be talked about at Christmas time?

Its not like Christians can find enough to argue about anyway.

Here are our ideas for safe – family friendly – Christmas Dinner conversations.

Is there anything you would add to this list?

Getting Little Children To Church: A Timeline.

Have you ever struggled to get yourself to church on time? If you have children, you’ll know that the struggle to get children AND adults to church on time, has its own challenges*. Now admittedly we only have Little Sofa, so perhaps this speaks of our own organisation, but I figured it would be interesting to note down our typical timeline of events before we leave for church on a Sunday morning.

The minutes before we need to leave, are in bold…

65 minutes : Everyone goes to get clothes on.
60 minutes: Little Sofa successfully lobbies for a bath.
55 : Upon being told that bath is ready, Little Sofa proceeds to play statues.
50 : Little Sofa is put into the bath.
30 : Negotiations begin over who washes whose hair.
20: Hair washed. Little Sofa thrown into clothes.
15: Negotiations over different clothing begin.
10: Daddy challenges Little Sofa over who can get ready first. Little Sofa shouts “Me!”
9 minutes, 50 seconds. : Daddy checks twitter.
9 minutes, 49 seconds : Little Sofa declares that she is ready, and yes. Indeed. She also has shoes on.
8 minutes : Daddy falls downstairs, he finds Little Sofa was joking and is in fact just finishing getting clothes on.
5 minutes : The Game Of Statues restarts.
3 minutes: There is a shout “I’m already! I got my shoes on before you!”. She is in fact, next to the front door, with shoes on. Where as, Daddy doesn’t have shoes on. Or socks for that matter.

Time to go!!!!: There is a shout of “Can I bring all my babies” *proceeds to go upstairs to bring, all her babies**

5 minutes late : ALL THE BABIES ARE IN THE CAR. Once the car is parked up, there is a request of… “I want to bring all the babies… they might cry if I leave them in the car!”
Negotiations begin over which babies should stay in the car.

*Obviously some families manage to get everyone of their huge family to church on time. Every weekend. Fresh faced, and smiling. These people are obviously on a heavenly fast track, as examples of pure Godly organisation.

** Dolls. Not babies. I repeat. They are really dolls. Lots and lots of dolls.

Not babies.

Elevation Church, Can We Have A Word About Breastfeeding?

Dear Elevation Church,

Can we have a quick word about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is ok. Please also bear in mind, that its a useful way to feed a child. I’m sure you’re not a fan of your lunch being interrupted.

It can also be hard work for some mums.

Please learn from this.

Its not cool.



(You can find out abit more about the above here)


“Being Joseph” – BBC Heart and Soul


After yesterdays Joseph video@Kristine3108  has sent a link to this great radio program that asks, are the story and attitude of Joseph any help to stepfathers today?

Being Joseph

The story of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem is re-told in churches around the world every Christmas.

Yet it is often overlooked that for one man, it must have been a time of emotional turmoil.

Joseph, the carpenter, had had to swallow the bitter pill of finding out that Mary, his fiancee, was pregnant before their wedding.

And the child, according to the gospel accounts, was not his.

Today, step-parenting has become far more common.

But does that make it any easier to bring up another man’s child?

And are the story and attitude of Joseph any help to stepfathers today?

Neil Nunes meets stepfathers from Zimbabwe and Britain to
find out.

Check it out on the BBC Web Site.