YOU Can Be Santa!


Well you can be like Santa, in that you can have a Santa outfit, and climb down buildings*.

YMCA Exeter is inviting you to abseil 80 foot dressed as Santa, to help transform the lives of homeless young people in Devon.

Where? Princesshay Car Park, Exeter

When? Saturday 6th December 2014

Who? This event is open to anyone over the age of 12. Those under 18 will need to have a parent/guardian accompany them to the event. Unfortunately pregnant women are not able to abseil.

Cost?: £15. This covers the abseil and administration costs.

Group Discount £72 per group of 6. To register as a group we require a team leader to complete the online form and we will then contact them with everything else they need to know.

Registration closes on Friday 28th November.

For more details see

*If you want to give out presents thats up to you and your pocket…

In Exeter? Fancy Getting Your Running Shoes On?

Are you in or near Exeter?
Fancy getting your running shoes to get ready for The Great West Run?

How about doing it to help someone like Hayden?

Hayden found himself rough sleeping at age 21. ‘Life before the YMCA was horrible, dark, miserable – living in a cold box or even in a tent by the river.’ Hayden has recently moved into Exeter YMCA where he’s found security and support. ‘Since I’ve been in the YMCA, my life’s got better, I’ve achieved more than I’ve ever done in my life.’ Hayden has just started a training course which will give him the qualifications he needs to fulfil his dream of becoming a gym instructor.

This year Exeter YMCA will be entering a team into the Great West Run with the goal to raise £5,000. This will ensure that another homeless young person like Hayden will get a full year’s support at Exeter YMCA.

Fancy it?

If you go for it, you’ll also receive the benefit of a discounted entry, a free personalised T-Shirt, refreshments on the day, a team cheering squad and the chance of winning some fantastic prizes.


Check out the Exeter YMCA website for further details, and to sign up.

Exeter Sleep Easy 2014

Coming up in March this year, is an opportunity to sleep out under the stars in Exeter to raise money for the work that the Exeter YMCA does with homeless young people in the Exeter and Devon area.

Heres a sample of last years event.

Go to for further information and to sign up!

Olympics, Success, and Homelessness

Exeter YMCA

Sophie over at has been looking forward to their 20th anniversary celebrations:

I feel that as Britons we have had a lot of reason to celebrate in 2012; we have hosted the Olympics, celebrated a Royal Wedding and witnessed a Golden Jubilee. Reflecting on these events has made me realise how good celebrations are at raising profile, recognising importance and acknowledging success.

Take the Olympics for example. In the run up to that event the spotlight was on sport like never before. Even as a relatively un-sporty person I couldn’t help but get swept up in the sport mania that embraced Britain. Personally it made an impact. I have taken up running and even joined a running club. Similarly, the Olympics gave us a unique opportunity to assert the importance of sport in British life. Whether it was through building brand new, state-of-the-art sports facilities or through the numerous funds which have been set up to get Britain active, the importance of sport has been reiterated through politics, media and celebrities time and time again. Finally, what a fantastic opportunity the Olympics gave us to acknowledge the determination and success of countless sports men and women from a huge range of sporting disciplines.

So what are my hopes for our year of celebration in 2013? Well I am not going to pretend that our anniversary will be anything like on the same scale as the Olympics or the Royal Wedding and Jubilee. However, I hope that it will achieve some similar outcomes. I hope that through our anniversary celebrations we will be able to put the spotlight on youth homelessness…

To read more about the plans for the Exeter YMCA 20th anniversary celebration, check out the blog over at

#YMCASleepEasy – Tonight

Well, we’ve mentioned it a few times now, and tonights the night that The Church Sofa Lads sleep out as part of the #YMCASleepEasy event. You can keep an eye on the tweets from and about the Exeter event below:

Want to join in? Send @ExeterYMCA a tweet with the hashtag #YMCAsleepeasy, and we’ll also be able to see your messages at the venue as well!

Stop Blogging. Do Something.

Let me tell you a story.

Pretty much a year ago, we published the following:

If you haven’t noticed. Twitter was all a bit of a storm over the weekend, with Christians either having a moan about a new book from Rob Bell, or having a moan about people having a moan about Rob Bell… To the point he started trending on Twitter. Seriously… people thought he had died!

While all this was going on, a few people started muttering about soup kitchens being banned in Westminster.

Thats a joke right? In the age of “Big Society” and people looking after each other… instead of the government being involved… you would think that soup kitchens would be encouraged.

The Daily Mail seems to confirm this isn’t a joke…

Now why cant we all get angry over this instead?


(On a side note. Lets wait for Robs’ book to be released before we all go nuts…)

Original Post with Comments


Now, this did prompt some discussion on Twitter, mostly about homelessness, but there was one comment that stick with me a little bit. I cant remember who said it, cant remember exactly what was said, but it was something like: “Instead of being angry, why dont you do something?”

So I’m going to put it to you.

Do you fancy doing something a little unique and different for charity, and possibly help one more person not have to sleep rough?

The Church Sofa Lads are taking part in the Exeter Sleep Easy, why dont you join in either at Exeter, or at one of many many locations around England.

YMCA – Sleepeasy

Just Giving


An Insight into Exeter YMCA

Here’s an insight into the Exeter YMCA, and specifically the Sleepeasy event that took place in January:

So! Out of interest – If “This Andy” was to do the 2012 Sleepeasy… Would any of you be able to sponsor him?*

*Not saying he will do… just wondering if he did… would anyone be interested in helping him out?