Evangelising When The Sun Is Out…

Welcome to The Summer!

The Summer – time of barbeques, paddling pools, and ice creams. Just like any part of the year, we shouldn’t miss a chance to evangelise and tell people about Jesus.

The question is. Are there ways to take advantage of the sun and the summer months to  evangelise the gospel?

Here are the Church Sofa ways to evangelise when the sun is out.

  1. Don’t wear a top when you’re outside. Ensure your body is tattooed with Bible verses.
  2. The days are warmer. The nights are warmer. Break out that acoustic guitar and sing out of tune songs to our father, around a fire!
  3. Join a local running group, join in every week. Have fun. After a while offer to set up a web page for the running group. Arrange the web address to be MyBodyIsATemple.co.uk.
  4. Give ice lollies out to people in your neighbourhood. Make sure the lolly sticks have Bible verses printed on them.
  5. Set up a paddling pool out the front of your house. Explain that if people want to try it out, then they may accidentally be baptised at the same time.
  6. Update your Facebook with as many Sun / Son references as much as possible.
  7. Worship band practice. Windows open.
  8. Put on a barbecue for the neighbourhood. Insist people listen to a Gospel presentation before they can have a burger.
  9. Spend some time out in the garden / porch / balcony / front door step, playing some Christian music loud enough to be heard through open windows.
    I suggest…

Groups of People Spotted in Church

Church. Its meant to be a family, but if its a family, then there are many different groups found there. Almost how there were many different groups in your High School. I wondered around my church last Sunday and found the following 10 Groups of People in Church. Here is a breakdown of who they are, and what they do:

  1. First timers / Kinda New People. These are the people who get offered the nice snacks first, get invited out for food, and have chatty people come and talk to them most Sundays. A useful group to be in.
  2. Hospital People. If you find a way to abuse the above to much, then the warden may put you in this group of people….
  3. Worship Leading People. Can normally sing.
  4. Visiting Preaching People. Not normally sure how long a sermon is meant to last.
  5. Children’s Group People. Can normally be found waiting for the Visiting Preaching People to finish.
  6. Useful People. Cant normally be found as they’re busy being useful. The disadvantage is that they are always really busy, and have things to do, their advantage is that they avoid…
  7. List People. They have lists. The lists need to have peoples names on them, such as, who’s going to do the Bible reading, or who’s bringing what to the next Church meal / potluck.
  8. Outgoing Happy People. Mostly popular with “List People”, as the “Outgoing Happy People”, are normally happy to read confidently in front of people, knock on strangers doors, etc. Also known as “Good Christian People”.
  9. Natural Evangelist People. Most happy to knock on strangers doors in the evening.
  10. Young People. Been told to NEVER knock on anyone’s doors.

Any that I’ve missed?

10 Excuses to Avoid Door Knocking for Jesus

Mice Doing Cheese Evangelism

At somepoint, your church may want to try its hand at Evangelism. This may well involve knocking on doors in the local area to ask the victim householder what they think about God. Whilst randomly knocking on peoples doors may sound like an odd exercise, some churches have found this is a highly successful way of winning souls for Christ.

If knocking on doors doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, you may need an excuse for when someone comes and tries to get you involved. Here are our 10 Excuses to Avoid Door Knocking for Jesus:

  1. “I actually hate all people. So therefore knocking on people’s doors, will just introduce me to more people I hate, and I’ve heard hate may be a bad thing. Personally, I quite like it.”
  2. “I’m actually coming down with the Black Death.”
  3. “Missing (what ever TV Show is on) will be bad enough, I can’t BELIEVE you’re asking me to stop other people from watching it.”
  4. “I’m worried I’ll accidentally chat someone up. I thought ‘flirt to convert’ was bad?” *wink*
  5. “I’ve broken my ankle. I couldn’t possibly sensibly walk the streets around here…” Proceed to walk away with out a problem.
  6. “Multiple people have accused me of being overly friendly, I’m worried I’ll spend the whole evening trying to get the first person I see to love me”. Make sure you hug the person asking you before you leave. A big long hug – no Christian side hug or anything like that.
  7. “Më vjen keq unë nuk e kuptoj anglisht”*
  8. “I’m Sorry, I’m allergic to doors”.
  9. “Sorry. That’s my pub night”.
  10. “I don’t know my shifts for that week yet, but I’ll let you know when I do” Ensure you send your boss an email to make sure you are working that evening.

*From <https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=I’m+Sorry+I+don’t+understand+English+in+Albanian&spell=1>

Any more out there?