Pat Robertson defends Trump: Bragging about groping women is ‘macho’

It looks like the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson has said on his show that Donald Trump’s talk of sexual assault, was Donald Trump “trying to look like he’s macho”.

Now I cant claim to be an expert in what “macho” really looks like, but I’m fairly certain that it isn’t talking about grabbing women by their genitals.

I do not understand how Donald Trump still appears to have the general support of the American Evangelical vote, from the other side of the pond, a Christian vote for Trump appears to be more connected to political ideals then the words of Jesus.

Please feel free to explain to me how and why Christians vote for Trump, because I simply don’t get it.

Donald Trump and The Christian Vote?

Lets take a moment and talk about Donald Trump, yes that slightly controversial* guy that is campaigning to be President of The United States.

I came across a little article online the other day called “Sorry, Evangelicals, You Can’t Play the Trump Card and the God Card at Same Time“. Give it a read, but I was particularly interested by the opening paragraphs…

Did you catch Donald Trump on “60 Minutes” recently, when he gave the first interview with his new running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence?

Lesley Stahl was asking about the “chemistry between you two” — it sounded as if she were interviewing them for a dating website — noting that Pence was very low-key and very religious and that Trump was a brash New Yorker, when The Donald interrupted her. “Religious,” he said.


“Religious,” he insisted.

“Are you?” she asked.

“Yeah, religious.”

And then, by way of proof, he offered, “Hey, I won the evangelicals.”

Now, that is true. Trump won the evangelical vote in the primaries, a point he proudly noted in his acceptance speech. Not only that, but polling released days before the interview by the Pew Research Center showed that he has the support of 78% of white evangelical voters nationwide. And that was before he chose the born-again Pence as his vice presidential sidekick.

If Sofa has read this properly it looks like Trump, may be quite popular with Christians in the United States. While Sofa realises that there are culture differences between America and England**, Sofa is trying to understand how a guy who makes the sort of comments that he does about Muslims, Mexicans, Iran payments, Women, The Pope, and building walls***, can be so popular.

So, I have a question.

Why do (some) American Christians appear to like Donald Trump?

I’d love to hear from you on this. Either if you have ideas of your own, or if you are a Christian who will vote for Trump, why are you planning on voting for him?

Please let me know in one of the following ways:

If I get a decent collection of responses, I may share them in a future post, but I will keep them anonymous!

Please no arguing, lets try and play nice.

* I’m under playing it a little.
** For example, I’ve heard we English like Tea a bit more then Americans do.
*** Personally I quite like the idea of bridges.


When Donald Trump talks to Jesus?

A little harsh, or about right?

Either way, it looks like the “anti Trump” sentiment is growing around the world, (this cartoon is from New Zealand). I wonder what the international sentiment will be towards America if Trump does become President?

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