Returning To The 90s With DC Talk!

Remember when DC Talk were cool?

Remember when DC Talk summed up everything 90s in one 90s music video?

Well here is DC Talk – Jesus Is Just Alright (Does anyone else think that this is a wonderfully lukewarm sentiment?)

(Does anyone else think that this is a wonderfully lukewarm sentiment?)


Where Christians Go On Holiday?

Welcome to the Summer! Do you have any plans for your summer holiday? If not, and if you’re still working on your holiday plans, have you stopped and prayed about where you should go on holiday as a Christian?

Have you wondered where Christians go on holiday?

Go Christian camping…

Go and Christian camp at one of the (feels like) many Christian festivals.

Hint. The easiest time to grab a shower is during the worship times.

Take a Christian Cruise…

Possibly a Jesus Freak Cruise?

(This might not be the official DC Talk video advertising the Jesus Freak Cruise)

Take a Pilgrimage

Why don’t you take a religious journey somewhere religious? Popular places include, the Holy Lands, The Vatican, Old Trafford, and Graceland.

Go to a Christian Theme Park?


Instead of going to The Holy Lands, travel to The Holy Land Experience instead!

Check out Heaven!

exeter, Devon


Ok. So this is Devon… but it rhymes with Heaven so it has to be close…


Where would you suggest for a Christian Holiday?

When Hitler Reacts to the Jesus Freak Cruise…

Back in May, The Church Sofa looked at the announcement that DC Talk. The American Christian Rock band from the 1990s was back… for a cruise.

The Internet wasn’t kind to the idea*, leading to the official Twitter account tweeting the following.

Something that was released the day after all this was, Hitler reacting to the Jesus Freak Cruise…


DC Talk have an announcement…

DC Talk. The American Christian Rock band from the 1990s are back!

After their split up intermission which led to the band going their separate ways, they are coming back together.

Is it a new CD? Is it a one off concert? Is it a live show streamed online?

Check out the video below to find out what it is….

You can go on a cruise with DC Talk, with tickets (it seems) costing from $998.

The reactions on Twitter are kinda interesting:


What’s your reaction?

Or has “the intermission” gone on for so long that no one really cares?