Post Sunday Childrens Group Conversation

Kids in Church

Little Sofa had her first Sunday at a Childrens group which wasn’t creche today. In an attempt to engage her in conversation about it, Mrs Sofa asked her about a puppet that we believe might be Jesus.

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus go and see all the people?”

Little Sofa: (Very firm) “No”

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus sit down and eat a sandwich?”

Little Sofa: *Thinks for a moment* Yeah…

How Toddlers Make You Late To Church

Kids in Church

A little miracle happened on Sunday. The Church Sofa family made it to the Church service on time! Now this wasn’t without the toddler seeming to put her best efforts into making us late for Church. As we were leaving the house for the second time that morning, I wondered exactly how Toddlers can make you late for Church.

  1. The toddler asks… “One more Topsy and Tim / Bing / Kate and Mim Mim”
  2. The cry of, “I need a WEEEE”, just as you’re leaving the front door.
  3. Hiding your Bible. (Or using your Bible as a chew toy)
  4. The toddler deciding that, they don’t want that doggy toy, they want the other doggy toy.
  5. Dropping the toy Jesus just as you’re leaving.
  6. “One more Topsy and Tim / Bing / Kate and Mim Mim… Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee”
  7. Wanting to go in the driving seat of the car, and making that known by climbing past their car seat, and into the front.
  8. Deciding that no, they don’t want the bribe you offered to get out the house.
  9. Hearing a cry of “Oh No, POO!”
  10. Wanting to bring about 20 to many toys, therefore its time to turn into a top negotiator, and agree on an amount of toys that are acceptable to all parties.

What other ways do toddlers make you late?

The Church Sofa Awards 2012

Welcome to the third Annual Church Sofa Awards, where we celebrate the best and sometimes worse moments of 2012.

Church Notice Board of The Year: Well, most of the Church Notice Boards strike some sort of nerve. This year, this one was by far the most popular:

Church Notice of the Year: Do you know what hell is? Come hear our preacher


I cant think why…

Twitter Hero: For his involvement with the woman bishop vote, having a paw on the pulse of the good old c of e, dealing with the mini mice, AND being down to earth at the same time, it can only be the @thechurchmouse. (Nominated by @jc247essex)

Biggest Challenge: Well, this is going to be a joint award, simply because I dont want to make up my mind.

Phil Cooke presented a challenge awhile back, and is worthwhile reading as we look forward to 2013: Its Up To You!

and Google, for the following advert.

Read the #Digidisciple post it inspired… the thinking from which led onto

Best Toy: The Stripy Horse.For being a hero over at The Southern Dad blog </quick plug>

The Peoples Choice for Villain of The Year.

The Big Bad Villain of the Year: South West Water – and any other water company that said there was drought… its been raining ever since…

The Secondary Villain of The Year: The General Synod.

Honorable Mention (of which there are a few…): Mark Driscoll, Malcolm Bowden, Nicky Gumbel, Chichester Diocese, Westboro Baptist Church, General Synod, Christian Unions, Vicky Beeching, The Government, the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols, and possibly The Church Sofa after this…

Simpsons Moment of The Year: Well the most popular Simpsons clip has since been taken down, so here’s the most popular that we’re allowed to watch:

Best Web Project: The Big Bible Project. For continuing to find new ways to draw Christians from all churches & none into deeper engagement with the Bible through online conversation… and because ShareCreative have won it for two years running.

The Peoples Choice of Best Christian / Church Blog:


This is a peoples choice, and when I asked for nominations on Twitter, one name was mentioned. Again, again, and again. Different names, voices, and faces. All said that Tanya Marlow from Thorns and Gold has the best Christian / Church blog of 2012, and as such is a website worth checking out.

What do you reckon? Are then any awards which we should have included??

Any awards that should have been different?

Any highlights that we’ve missed out?