Feeling Cold in Church?

brown concrete cathedral

In this covid world, it seems that fresh air is a good thing. (Because you know, it gets the air all mixed up*)

But you know… it means we have windows and doors open.

Which is a good thing, because it helps to stop us getting sick.

On the other hand, we become walking talking human ice people.

Get yourself warmed up, with Jesus in your pocket!

Find it over at Amazon, and keep warm! (Affiliate Link)

*More scientific wording is indeed welcome

Vaccines and religious rights?

man in yellow protective suit

Right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress came to the Sofa’s attention in the past due to his fanboy behaviour around Donald Trump, and what can be described as a wrong opinion around climate change, but Sofa has found himself being thankful for Robert Jeffress clearly coming out against religious exemptions for taking a covid vaccine.

Yes religious, not medical, but people are trying to say that taking a vaccine that helps protect against a harsher illness, and decreases the chance of passing that illness onto another is against their religious rights.

“There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines,” Jeffress told The Associated Press for a report last Friday.

Jeffress, a prominent evangelical supporter of former President Donald Trump, who has been fully vaccinated since early March, said he and his staff “are neither offering nor encouraging members to seek religious exemptions from the vaccine mandates.”

Christian Post


Has attracted some anger from those from what I guess would be called the political and religious right.

“We all know the chemicals, the different things that are in there that are designed to literally take life away from people.”

That would be the worst vaccine ever right?

Tips To Survive Church During A Pandemic

grayscale photography of hands waving

Well happy days, life is returning to normal. Pubs are serving at the bar, we can lick each others faces in nightclubs, and we can rock on back to Church*.

Even with things coming back to (some sort of) normal, there is still a pandemic happening. What do we suggest doing at Church, to help survive Church during a pandemic?

  1. Bribe the right people to get seats near the source of ventilation.
  2. Wear your flipping mask
  3. Have a badge on saying “I have Asthma, coughing is basically my way of life”**
  4. Bring digging equipment in case of hoards of huggers.
  5. Get a flipping vaccine.
  6. Bring your own coffee. (Use the right cup and it could include whiskey)
  7. Has the set up changed? Bring a pen and paper to help you make a map of where things are.
  8. Bring high-tech listening devices, so if needed you can listen into the service from outside.
  9. Have regular tests to help ensure you’re safe. (No we all know lateral flows aren’t always 100%, but they are better then licking your uncles face to see if he can tell)
  10. If the preacher encourages people to give each other a Holy Kiss. Run.

What would you add to help people survive Church during a pandemic?

*I’m very aware that this paragraph could date badly.

**only do this if you have asthma

A Sermon About Quarantine Camps?

Another interesting sermon from pastor Greg Locke which includes this little nugget of soul joy…

It seems a letter has gone out to local “lawmakers” seeking to calm and disprove this sort of thing, in which it appears there are at least two things wrong with the above:

  1. Greg Locke actually means section 18 not 8…
  2. Hospitals are getting full. They may need to find additional space somewhere. (I guess similar to the Nightingale hospitals in the UK)

Do we need to start factchecking sermons as a matter of principle now?

Is that a sensible process anyway?

Why This Is Important

You know those preachers that preacher rubbish about covid… not even rubbish about God, or The Bible? But rubbish about Covid?

Ever wondered why people get upset about them?

Its because it matters, and people get sick.

Here’s a story.

(The Featured image might be my new favourite go-to Covid image by the way)