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5 Ponderings From Attending #cnmac12 Via Twitter

October 29, 2012 ThatAndy 1

Saturday 20th saw The Christian New Media Conference 2012 take place in London, now the great thing about it was that the amount of tweets that took place about the event using the #cnmac12 hashtag meant that if needed, people could attend the event… via twitter. Quite odd, not ideal, but still quite good fun and almost educational.

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#cnmac12 Twitter Stream

October 20, 2012 ThatAndy 0

I guess this is for people who cant make it to this years Christian New Media Conference, dont have twitter, but want t see a sample of what people are talking about.

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Weekly Roundup: The Lego Edition

July 28, 2012 ThatAndy 0

With @richardlittleda @philcooke @bigbible @pamjweb @xiannewmedia @Digitalnun @MichaelHyatt @jonacuff

Taking a look at grief, managing creative people, the bible, Lego, and possibly the most welcoming welcome ever….