This Weeks Messy Pew. Bad Beer and Delayed Church Notices.

Our first minipod this week, with one of those announcements that should have been made earlier. A little like one of those Church Notices that get made after the service has finished and everyone is starting to stand, turn around, and plan how we get to Sunday Lunch.

There’s also talk of some terrible beer. Please feel welcome to share your feedback, or embarrassing church stories with us.

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Feeling Cold in Church?

brown concrete cathedral

In this covid world, it seems that fresh air is a good thing. (Because you know, it gets the air all mixed up*)

But you know… it means we have windows and doors open.

Which is a good thing, because it helps to stop us getting sick.

On the other hand, we become walking talking human ice people.

Get yourself warmed up, with Jesus in your pocket!

Find it over at Amazon, and keep warm! (Affiliate Link)

*More scientific wording is indeed welcome

This Week On The Messy Pew Podcast – The Not Bible Readers Anonymous

This week is all about the questions.

Person placing hands on Bible
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Questions such as Why are we called The Messy Pew (because we didn’t answer that last time), but we also ask ourselves a number of questions about The Bible.

Where are we meant to read the Bible? Are we really meant to read a chapter a day? Where has the whole idea of a quiet time come from anyway? (Cant it be “sitting upset time”?) Is everyone else reading the bible more than you? And what if you’re not a natural reader? Does that mean you just stuck to a life of guilt whenever Bible reading is mentioned in Church?

Could less be more?

What is the point of Deuteronomy?

Andy also shares another story of socially failing in Church.

Please feel welcome to share your feedback, or embarrassing church stories with us.

We can be found on @messyPew on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Or email at

Christian Things To Do Before Christmas

Is it me, or is life still a bit weird?

I mean I didn’t find life “not weird” before Covid, but anyway…

You may have noticed that Christmas is coming up. And its probably sooner than you reckon. (No don’t count the days – it will feel quicker!)

My point being, is that I’ve tried noting down what I need to do before Christmas

Reckon I’ve missed any?

The Messy Pew – A Churchish Podcast from The Church Sofa

Here’s a new thing we’ve been up to.

This is basically us trying to work out what all the Church stuff means. If it means anything much.

The Messy Pew podcast is about drinking beer (or cider if you’re gluten free), parenthood, geekery, and looking at the Christian faith, with more questions then answers.

Here’s our first episode, where we kinda explain all a bit better than the above.

Yes, its another Christian podcast, from two white guys, with no media training.

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When a Church Chants ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

There’s nothing to see here. Just a Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

Indeed. He starts talking about another Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’, before encouraging that Church to also chant ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ btw, means F*** Joe Biden.

And its being chanted in churches.


Its enough to make me miss Lord I Lift Your Name being sung in Church…

Big Question of The Week

Here’s the story, Sofa is involved with a online Facebook group aimed at supporting guys in their faith. So marketing is being planned over the next few months so that we can support more guys, as part of this, we’re going to change the name to something more brandable so that people can be familiar with the name (as we think a lot of church mens ministries have similar names to “Brothers in Christ” now).

Please let us know which of these you like or comment some other ideas.

Thank you!!!