Alternative Church Weekend Away Activities

Pope Games

Its spring time. If your church does a church weekend away the chances are it could just be around the corner, or indeed it could be the planning stages. If you feel the church weekend away is getting a little old a predictable, try these Alternative Church Weekend Activities.

Obviously if you’ve already had one this year, you could try any of the following next year:

  1. Pretend to appear really sociable by talking to all the venue staff. Dont let people from the church know you’re trying to get the wireless key so you can check Facebook on your phone.
  2. Party games! Dress up like a different denomination, then play musical chairs.
  3. Temporary kidnap the Bishop of Crediton’s dog.
  4. Play PCC top trumps.
  5. Orienteering exercise. To the nearest pub.
  6. Orienteering exercise. Back from the pub.
  7. Create a new worship band, musical expertise is indeed optional.
  8. On the Friday night ensure the coffee is filled and there’s plenty to go around. Swap the coffee for espresso on the Saturday. Ensure the espresso is swapped for decaff when people wake on the Sunday.
  9. Serve lots and lots of tea. Don’t tell anyone that there’s only one toilet.
  10. Orienteering exercise. Find the people who didn’t make it back from the pub.

Any other ideas?

Church Sofa Half Serious Guide to Church: Church Weekend Away

Its that time of year again for one of the Church Sofa lads.

Yes, it is the Church weekend away.

Normally located miles away from the nearest sensible pub, this combined with lack of mobile reception helps the feeling of isolation to set in you concentrate on being a more excited Christian.

If you are also planning on going along to church for 48 hours, you may want to bear our Church Weekend Away Survival Kit in mind:

10 Items To Bring On A Church Weekend Away

  1. A Bible. Decent reading material (which doesn’t require a battery charger), and helpful if bored during the second sermon of the day.
  2. A Pen. To write on leaves. (With thanks to Dave Walker)
  3. Whiskey / Gin.
  4. A friend within the venue staff, useful for extra additions like more food, a comfy bed, access to shortcuts, and wireless keys.
  5. Chocolate. Useful for both a sugar rush, and bartering for above mentioned wireless key.
  6. Books. You never know. You might get a chance to catch up on your reading list.
  7. Map. To help you find your way back to the nearest pub.
  8. Food expected to be rubbish? Local take out telephone numbers, could be helpful…
  9. Dont forget your phone charger… in case you spend a little too much time playing computer games on it…
  10. Somewhere to hide your whiskey / gin.

Anything I’veĀ forgotten?