Church Online: A personal highlight

While having the church livestream on…

Guy leading prayers online: “…you might want to pause in the quietness…

Home: *The lounge echoes with sounds of the globe being smacked by a lightsaber… moments before said globe is kicked into the Christmas tree.*

Christmas 2020.

Are you ready for this?

8 Steps to Recreate Church At Home

So. Lockdown then? From a medical stand point, its great. Great for keeping people apart, great for slowly the spread of a virus from a person to another. Not great for Churches to be open on a Sunday.

To help with Sunday mornings being a “No Church” time, here are a number of ideas to help recreate the church ambience whilst you’re at home.

  1. While watching the online service, sit relative to where you might normally sit on a “normal” Sunday morning. For example, if you normally sit at the front, sit right in front of the screen. If you’re at the back at Church, at the back of your room. If you spend Sunday mornings in the toilet…
  2. Make a lot…. of coffee. Drink it cold.
  3. Squash. Weak.
  4. If you’re of a higher church taste, get that incense stick going! (Close the windows whislt you’re at it)
  5. Make random conversation with the people you’re living with. Obviously act like you’ve not really seen each other for a week.
  6. Sing loud and out of tune during any worship songs.
  7. Remember to send a message to someone you’ve not heard from in a while to say hello.
  8. Make a note reminding yourself that loving your neighbour may include a few things being a weird for a while.

Anything else you can suggest?

This week in the internet

Every week, Sofa rounds up the bits and pieces that kinda haven’t made it into a complete post. And yes, there is a coronavirus theme to… at least some of it.

This weeks round up is brought to you to the back drop of Little Sofa on her trampoline.

Church before and during Coronavius

If you’re at all interested in the state of the Church, particularly in the light of everything moving online, can I massively recommend this round up of loads of information about online church, from Peter Phillips (Digital Theology Researcher at Durham Uni, and Head of Digital Theology at Premier Media)

A round up recommending a round up…

The Divine Cleansing Kit

It seems a Divine Cleansing Kit is a thing.

The instructions for use are:

  • Anoint your hands and neck with the Divine Cleansing Oil for divine cleansing
  • Anoint Door frames for protection of your home and properties.
  • Tie the scarlet yarn on your wrist for added protection and peace of mind.
  • Use the Divine Protection Miracle Prayer Card daily to keep you and your loved ones safe

Sofa would also add, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and stay the flip home.

And finally. Chris is awake.

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Can someone get Chris a coffee?

Don’t Go To Church – A Christian Mug for 2020

Are you still getting used to not going to Church on a Sunday morning?

Do you need a reminder to go onto Facebook / Youtube?

Or do you need a subtle way of telling people over video chat to… well, not go to Church?

This could be the mug for you

Available from redbubble.

(Pin badges are also available!)