Ways To Welcome The New Church Leader

In the past we’ve discussed ways to say goodbye to a vicar. To keep things equal, it was felt that it was only fair to spend some time pondering what happens when a new Church leader arrives at a Church.

Its never easy starting a new job somewhere, so how can a Church make their new leader feel welcome when they arrive?

Here are five ways to welcome a new Church leader.

Cook them a meal.

A little version of you.

(So they can take you everywhere they go)

Ask them to lead a Bible Study on an “Easy Passage”

And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend

A Random Initiation Ceremony

A Really Large Bible…

What ideas do you have?


Christmas Present Ideas For A Vicar?

I’m sorry to type this, but Christmas is coming. Yes, as soon as Halloween is done, all the shops will be filled with Christmas chocolates, and potential Christmas presents for everybody in your life. What if one of those people in your life includes a vicar / Church leader? After all… Church leaders dont drink wine or anything like that…
To help you out, here is The Church Sofa list of Present Ideas For A Church Minister:

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Something for the stress?

Everyone knows that church leaders get stress around Christmas, with all those carols to be sung, and mincepies to be eaten, some stress is understandable.

Help them manage the stress, and take that stress out on Santa by giving them the gift of Santa Stress Balls.

Christmas-Stress-Balls-Present Ideas For A Church Minister

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Something for the wardrobe.

Yes, they’re cheesy – but its Christmas!
Christmas Gift ideas for Vicars and Church Leaders
And yes, I guess it will only work as a gift for people who wear ties.

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How about a Bible?

Christmas Present Ideas For A Vicar

EVERYONE knows that Church leaders LOVE Bibles!


That way, the “correct” present can be brought…


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The perfect gift.

Christmas Present Ideas For A Vicar

Obviously the perfect gift would be Jesus!!

Jesus, is also available from Amazon.Christmas Present Ideas For A Vicar

If you wonder what (Grow Your Own) Jesus looks like, check out the following:

What other presents would you suggest?

How To Be An Efficient Pastor

For some people, being a Church Pastor isn’t a job, its a calling on your life. Its a calling that can take up a lot of your time, and place strains on different areas of your life, as you seek to work out what your priorities are.

I’m not going to tell Church Pastors what their priorities should be, but I here are a list of ways I’ve been told that pastors can be truly efficient in how they serve the Lord, and their congregation.

1. Get to Church. Do the sermon. Leave during the last hymn.
2. Have standard emails you can copy and paste to people who get in touch with pastoral needs.
3. If male, don’t waste time with mums groups.
4. If female, don’t waste time with men’s breakfasts.
5. Finish any meetings dead on time. No matter how far into the agenda.
6. Ensure you are not well known for returning voice mails.
7. Allocate pastoral visits to your pastoral visit team. Ensure you are never on this team.
8. Got an invitation to lead an assembly at the local school? Save time by asking your youth worker to do it. After all the youth worker needs the experience.
9. Keep a copy of your sermon scripts. Once you’ve preached for three years, start again from year one. Its ok, no one would be able to remember all of them over the last three years.
10. Do you need to lead a prayer meeting? Explain to people that it will be a time of personal, reflective, silence. For the entire meeting.

If all else fails, buy this guy from Amazon to do some work for you: