Alternative Nativities. A Collection.

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Well. Its Christmas in 2020.

Its a bit… well what is there to say about all of this? Church Sofa is a mostly family friendly Church safe blog. So I’m going to say…. “sigh”…

Whilst there appears to be less “funny church things” than there normally are at this time of year… Here are a few nice Nativity things…

When King Herod joins Zoom…

The Snackivity…

When you have the choice between Lego and a new Nativity set…

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Away In A Manger: Socially Distanced Version

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What if.

What if Away In A Manger was written in 2020? Or at least… was written for a Nativity that happened during a socially distanced age?

Would it read something like this?

Step away from the manger
Back away from the bed
Where The little Lord Jesus
Lays down His sweet head

The stars in the sky
Look down from far up high
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep in his bubble

I love Thee, Lord Jesus
Look down from the sky
And stay 2 meters away,
‘Til vaccine is nigh

How To Have A Christmas Carol Service At Home

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Its Christmas! (I’m allowed to say that now right?)

Its 2020. Its been a weird year, and lets face it. This Christmas is going to be a little different to the normal. (Sorry – we’re probably gonna get a bit bored of saying “its all a bit different this year”)

As part of this “little different” Christmas, along with everything else, Christmas Carol services are going online.

So. What do you do at home to replicate that Christmas Carol Service feel?

Here are a few ideas…

  1. Probably some sort of internet connection – or phone line.
  2. Turn off the lights.
  3. A Nativity dress up costume, or Santa.
  4. Have access to Youtube, Facebook, or something to watch the church carol service online.
  5. Get Candles lit
  6. Get more Candles lit
  7. Mulled Wine. No, more than that.
  8. Have some sort of advent crown thing. Possibly with candles. Possibly with dry plant attached.
  9. Take bets on how long it will be before someone, somewhere has “issues” with the amount of lit candles.
  10. Have a fire extinguisher on stand by.

Anything I’ve missed?

Dress up for Christmas, AND SOCIAL DISTANCE!

Its Christmas time! (Tell me you’ve noticed)

Its a time of Christmas jumpers, Christmas shopping, and dressing up in all things… Christmas like?

Its also 2020, so its probably wise to ensure you’re keeping your distance from… everyone.

This could be your chance to have the best of both worlds.

Dress up as a Shepherd for Christmas, and have your own shepherds hook! (Affliate link)

Pick it up from Amazon, and social distance whilst playing a much loved nativity character!

What To Do In An Outside Carol Service

In case you missed it, it seems that English churches can allow outdoors singing in all tiers from December 2nd. According to the CofE website

Guidance published by the Government on Sunday confirmed that indoor singing by both amateur and professional choirs will be permitted, and that congregations could sing carols outdoors, providing they are physically distanced.

The maximum number of people present should take into account the area of the space and the requirement to maintain 2m social distancing at all times.

Church of England

So. What should we be prepared for at an outside Christmas carol service?

Here are nine things you need at an outside carol service. (List includes affiliate links)

  1. Layers. Lots of. Wear something like this.
  2. Really Big Bonfire (To enable social distancing)
  3. Bring Mulled Wine.
  4. Have lots of really small bonfires. (To help enable social distancing)
  5. Wonder out loud if church should meet outside more often.
  6. Avoid being burned on the bonfire for wondering the above out loud.
  7. Ensure a good view of the vicar by bringing this guy along.
  8. A measuring stick to ensure social distancing.
  9. No – bring more mulled wine then that.

Anything I’ve missed.