When God Appears in a Court Room Drama

What is Church About?

According to wikipedia this is a new Christian movie thats based on the book God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty:

Cant help but think it looks like a courtroom drama.

Question. Why does it feature the Newsboys? Is the film actually really based around their song?

But I guess at least it stars Superman.

Debate Tuesday – Halloween or not to Halloween?

church Sofa

Tomorrow, if you hadn’t already noticed, is October 31st. Generally also known as Halloween. There seems to be a few degrees of how Christians accept Halloween. Some people embrace it, possibly put on events like above, or go trick or treating.

Some people give out bible readings, and Christian branded bits and pieces.

Others dont answer the door.

What do you do?

Do you see any thing wrong with Halloween?

Do you or your church do anything over Halloween, or do you try and ignore it?

[Edit]Crimperman, and NinjaMonk have shared their views on Halloween.

Weekly RoundUp: The Looking At Lent Edition

Well… we are to start with…

  • We’ve mentioned the Beer and Bible initiative currently starting in Chelmsford before, if you missed it I suggest getting yourself over to Phils Treehouse and watching the promo video about it…
  • The 40Things guys are encouraging people to try 1 new thing per day during lent as part of the 40 Things Challenge.
  • Moving away from Lent… The Jesus Mission asks what could be learnt from Barack Obama…
  • Chelliah Laity has compiled a list of Christian Bloggers thats worth a look.
  • According to “BBC’s new face of religion”, people look at Eve as a troublesome wife and God has a wife…The Telegraph.
  • And finally… As I’m sure you can tell, The Church Sofa lads can sometimes channel a bit of an inner geek… Room515.co.uk is a result of that…

Weekly Round Up: The Better Then Last Weeks Edition

Right. After last weeks attack of the downer. Heres this weeks roundup:

In the Blogging world, Sara Batts looks how she see’s herself verses how people see her in church, while in the week that England drop out of a world cup before it even begins Jon Butler looks at sports fans in the Bible. On a Christmas theme; Richard Littledale asks preachers if they focus on both joy and suffering at Christmas time, looking at suffering, Bishop Nick Bains asks if Christians are suffering from a persecution complex?

And lastly… A brother asks “Wheres Molly?”

Nayara Goncalves – The worlds best preacher?

Imagine the scene.

You’re at the shop where you work. You’ve worked there for a while, in fact you’re the manager. The week was the same as normal, you went to church on the Sunday, you go back to work on the Monday. Its now the Friday and church is just about a distant memory.

As you’re about to slide deep into the same day to day routine, this guy with a mask on comes in. He has a gun. He’s asking for money.

Do you:
A) Duck and run.
B) Give the dude what ever he wants… knowing you’ll probably have to make up the shortfall.
C) Talk to the guy about Jesus.

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