Now You Can Reenact The Reformation!

Are you a fan of Church History?

Do you understand Martin Luther and the part he played in the reformation?

Would you like to reenact Martin Luther’s role in the reformation, but don’t want to get in trouble for nailing signs to your local church door?

This Playmobil figure might be your alternative to petty vandalism:

You can get your little Martin Luther from

Toys To Bring To Church

Kids in Church

Christmas with a toddler, I’m sure you can imagine brings its share of challenges and joys. Challenges are such as wondering how much chocolate you should allow them to eat, and for yourself, how much alcohol can you drink on Christmas Eve, and cope with the earlier wake up on Christmas Day. The joys… well… there are toys, Toys, and more TOYS.

But what toys should you bring to church?

We’ve done a bit of research and have found the following (mostly toddler) toys that are possibly perfect for church:

Daniel and the lion’s den


Includes a hole to play “Boo” through, an excuse to pretend to loudly eat Daniel, and a chance to make lion style “Raaaa!” noises. With no inbuilt noises, this would be a great toy to keep little ones quiet in church. Found at Amazon.

Bible Opoly Board Game


Do you enjoy those Monopoly inspired arguments? How about having an excuse to have those arguments in the back of the church hall? Bearing in mind this is “A monopoly version where cooperation and not accumulation is the key”, I cant help but feel that if youre sneaky enough to win at Monopoly, then you’ll win at this. Just remember to make your peace with each other before communion. Found at Amazon.

I’m sure toddlers would love playing with the money, or consuming the church pieces!

Plan of Salvation Ball.


According to the product description, this is “A squeeze ball to throw around and learn about God’s plan for salvation.” Perfect for a game of catch during the service. Even better for toddlers learning how to throw. Bonus points if the vicar needs to catch it at any point. Found at

Plush Jonah and Fish.


Perfect for joining in with a baptism service… and the ensuring scream when the child in question starts to realise that the fish doesn’t actually swim. Found at

Plush Noahs Ark 10 Piece Play Set.


All those animals! For so long!

Did they all get on all the time? Or were there massive arguments? Did a monkey try fighting a lion?

Bring this toy to church and let your little one work it out!

Found at


We’re told to make a joyful noise to the Lord! Make a joyful noise with these “Make a Joyful Noise Tambourines”. Great for use during sermons!



Found over at

Be David!


Dont just listen to the sermon / talk on David and Goliath.

Your kids could be David with this slingshot!

Again bonus points if they (you) hit the speaker!

Hope you find this useful. Please share in the comments below if you know of any other useful toys to bring to church.

Have you seen the Salvation Yo Yo?

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...So. The Salvation Yo Yo…

Its not to be confused with a Yo Yo.
Or a Christian Yo Yo…

Its also more then a fun toy… according to the website:

Each Salvation Yo Yo is hand made and individually inspected for quality craftsmanship. Made of yarn, the five colors are carefully woven together to form the ropes and colored balls of the yo yo. These are held together by a sturdy suede leather handle with a cross embroidered on it.
Through this design, it is simple to share the Gospel in a clear and concise.
The colors represent: God (Gold ball), New Life (Green ball), Sin (Black string), Sins washed away (White string), Jesus Christ (Red handle with a white cross), Jesus’ sacrifice for us is represented by the two red strings leading from the cross connecting God (Gold ball) to the New Life (Green ball) available to all those who believe in the saving grace of Jesus.


Salvation Yo Yo

Dads Corner: Our First “Christian Toy”?

Noahs Ark Toy
So, when I talk about Christian toys, I mean those ones that are obviously either Bible based, or something else churchy.

Now I have nothing against those toys in general, but anyway… We were flicking our way through the “Babies Are Us” catalogue, and we came across this in the picture.

I guess all we need to do is leave the taps running and we can arrange our own little biblical flood…