The Christian T Shirt of The Week

Remember back in the day, DC Talk kinda tried to claim the term “Jesus Freak”? I wonder if the same sort of thought process took place here?

Welcome to the Jesus Christ Super Spreader T Shirt

Made after the guy that is hosting massive outdoor worship events in America was called a Super Spreader by Rolling Stone Magazine. Events that look a bit like this…

Sofa is not sure if being a super spreader is something to be proud of.

And yes. Perhaps he is trying to say he is “spreading the name of Jesus”? Now is not the time to try and claim that term.

Plus. Lets face it. There is a risk that events like this could well spread covid, and that, is probably not something to be proud of.

Maybe, being an idiot isn’t something to be proud of?

The Scary Christian TShirt for Halloween

Well, welcome to Halloween. The time of year when there are plenty of Christian questions that are asked.

Questions such as,

  • should we engage with Halloween,
  • If we go Trick or Treating? What do Christians do as trick?
  • What do Christians give as treat?

But the most important question must be…

What should a Christian wear at Halloween? 

Could this be an answer?

Order now from Amazon, and (possibly) get it in time for (a) Halloween!

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Keep Calm – I’m a Christian!

Are you surrounded by panicking people?

Do you walk into a room filled with stressed  people?

Do you feel people around you would be less stressed if they simply knew you were a Christian??

This top from Amazon could be the top for you!


This, and other “Keep calm I’m a Christian” things are available at (Mrs Sofa likes the look of the purple one…)

Keep Calm…

Has it been a stressful week?

Do you know someone who has been stressed out?

Do you or they need to be reminded of the love of Jesus?

This is the Jesus T-Shirt for you!

Keep Calm and Love Jesus T Shirt

Available from Amazon.

A T-Shirt For The Humble Christian at Lent!

Are you giving up something for Lent?
Are you giving up “being great”?
Are you humble enough to share it with the world?
This is the T Shirt* for you!

-For The Humble Christian at Lent Graphic T Shirts by Andy Mackay Redbubble


Available from

*I say t-shirt… its also available as a cushion for your sofa!

(As well as advertising how humble you are, you also support Sofa by buying this)