How To Be Graciously Hostile

Sometimes a comment shared on Twitter, can spark an entirely different conversation. In this case @thechurchsofa and @gods_toddler found ourselves discussing if it was indeed possible to be graciously hostile. We found that it was more then possible, here are the 10 ways we’ve found to be graciously hostile: (or in other words how to insult like a Christian)

  1. “INTERESTING point…but let’s think about it BIBLICALLY for a moment”
  2. “have you tried that down the road?”
  3. “Close, but I think you have inadvertently stepped into heresy.”
  4. “I love you like a Christian brother but…”
  5. “God really does reveal himself in interesting ways”
  6. It’s really great to see someone who expects to be really welcomed for who they are, when they get dressed for Church”
  7. “That was a really interesting talk… tell me… have you ever considered helping in the crèche?”
  8. “That’s a valuable contribution brother. I used to think the same myself until the spirit enlightened me”
  9. “Have you prayed for revival of your own heart?”
  10. “That was a lovely sermon father, best nap I’ve had for a long time. Thank you.”

With thanks to @gods_toddler