When Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Trigger Warning for… not nice scenes.

I say celebrate… maybe its a case of Christians taking advantage of Halloween?

This is a trailer for a “Hell House”. A lovely little thing that is basically an attempt to scare people into loving God… or something like that?

And yes. There is a age rating for probably good reason. I dont know what they’re saying about some of the abuse that is suggested to be taking place, but I’m not sure if the producers of this are seeing what I’m seeing.

Happy Halloween..?

And lets not adapt this in England. Please?

The Scary Christian TShirt for Halloween

Well, welcome to Halloween. The time of year when there are plenty of Christian questions that are asked.

Questions such as,

  • should we engage with Halloween,
  • If we go Trick or Treating? What do Christians do as trick?
  • What do Christians give as treat?

But the most important question must be…

What should a Christian wear at Halloween? 

Could this be an answer?

Order now from Amazon, and (possibly) get it in time for (a) Halloween!

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Christian Tricks for Halloween Trick or Treating

Previously I’ve wondered what a Christian Halloween Costume may look like, but what about Trick or Treating? What if a Christian wanted to doll out tricks at Halloween? I admit most of these are based on the person at the door dishing out the tricks… this is presuming you can be quick at dishing out the tricks…

But what should should Christian Halloween tricks look like? Here’s out list*:

  1. Open the door, bash them with a Bible. Explain that will teach them for calling you a Bible basher.
  2. Answer the door in tears, explain that you’re looking for your lost coin, and beg for their help.
  3. Dress up as the Pope. Speak to them in Italian. Only Italian.**
  4. Arrange for a sheep to come out your door when it’s open. Explain that you need to run and find it.
  5. Open your door dressed up as Mark Driscoll.
  6. If you’re actually going Trick or Treating, if anyone asks for a trick, run into their house and pray in every room. In tongues. Loudly. Whilst throwing oil all over the place. Leave a church leaflet for when you go.
  7. Alternatively, form a mini choir and sing a number of worship choruses. Loudly, and out of tune. Leave with them with a leaflet saying “If you want to hear more, come to our church”.
  8. Give Bible tracts instead of sweets.

Any more you can suggest?

*All of these are a little silly. Probably best you don’t do any of these.
** Probably not as effective in Italy.

Christian Halloween Costumes

We’re now well into October. Its nearly Christmas! Well, before its Christmas we first have Halloween. A time of year where (it seems that) mostly children walk around streets asking strangers for sweets, while dressed in mostly silly costumes.

How should a Christian react to Halloween? Well speaking from a costume prospective, we have a number of ideas of what costumes Christians should wear while opening their doors on Halloween.

Be a Monk!

Open the door, and pretend to be a monk. Bonus points for Monty Python impressions…


Available from amazon.

Dress like a Disciple

Yes I know that to be a Christian is to be a Disciple… but you could answer the door (or indeed go trick or treating) as an actual disciple…


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You Can be Jesus!

Picture it, someone knocks on your door – it opens to the sight of plenty of white light, loud choral music, and you dressed like this…

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Or alternatively… imagine turning up at a neighbor’s house dressed as Jesus, surrounded by lots of little Jesus’s…

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You could always break out the flamethrowers, and get dressed up as this guy?*

Available from Amazon

*Remember kids. Dont play with fire.

Any other ideas?

Happy JesusWeen Everybody

It seems that JesusWeen was a thing in America awhile back. Sadly the Jesusween website seems to be down, so I can confirm if its meant to be spelt Jesus Ween or JesusWeen, but I have found this little bundle of joy below.

(I like to think this video is a parody… I really do)

Things That Christians Can Give For Trick or Treat

That time of year is coming when children around the country will start knocking on peoples doors, and saying Trick or Treat. Now this isn’t a list about how Christians can respond to Halloween (even though I may write that one year), I’m going to presume you have decided to metaphorically embrace Trick or Treaters. This is all about what Christians could give for Trick or Treat.

Christian Halloween Stickers


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Encourage reading.


Available from openaparty.com

Offer something to read.


Check out Chick Publications to give the booklet a read… if you dare…

A really little Bible!


If you throw little Bibles at the kids at your door quick enough, they might thing they are sweets – and might even thank you!



Because, lets face it. If you are going to give chocolate, you might as well give Chocolate that reminds people about death.

Do you have any ideas to share?