Celebrating The Birth of Cheesus?

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas, and there are many ways show a Nativity scene. And it seems that someone has decided to celebrate the birth of Cheesus. Cheesus – That’s Jesus if he was made out of Cheese…

The Cheesus Nativity looks like this.


From The Telegraph:

Prudence Staite, a food artist from Gloucestershire, has decided to create the Nativity scene out of cheese.

How incredibly festive! She used 40 kilograms of cheddar to carve the masterpiece.

The scene contains two donkeys, two sheep, a cow and Three Wise Men carrying Branston Pickle gifts for the baby Cheesus.

Ms. Staite took five days in total to make the festive treat.

It is held up using cocktail sticks – but you can’t tell.

Prudence, 36, said: “Creating the whole sculpture was a real challenge as it’s so intricate.

“Sculpting the faces of Mary and Joseph was very difficult and fiddly, but I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Read more over at The Telegraph.

Does this mean that someone out there, might eat the nativity?