What Does Heaven’s Waiting Room Look Like?

I found myself in the waiting room at my Health Surgery the other day, due to the wonderful NHS I wasn’t there long, but for some reason I was there long enough to wonder, what would Heaven’s Waiting Room look like?

  1. Instead of Magazines you have 1970s Bible tracts.
  2. Inspirational messages displayed on the screens.
  3. Give any handyman / janitor / cleaner you see loads of respect. He / she may also be God (or Morgan Freeman).
  4. Any staff you see actually look angelic.
  5. The lights are all a little bright.
  6. If you see him, don’t stare at Beetlejuice. And definitely don’t say his name three times.
  7. A keyboard instrumental track of Shine Jesus Shine playing gently in the back ground. On repeat.
  8. A voice randomly interrupts the music with the following announcement; “We apologise for the delay, please do not panic, you are not in Limbo, we repeat, you are not in Limbo. “
  9. There are only two doors out of the waiting room.

Any other ideas?

(image from imperfectvisions on flickr)

Asking for a sign from God.

Bruce Almighty Asking for a sign from God.:

Okay God.
You want me to talk to  you? Then talk back. Tell me what’s going on? What should I do?
Give me a sign…

Do you wish God would just put a big sign in front of you saying what to do?
Or would that just be no fun?