Top 5 Christian Birthday Presents

Its my birthday this week! Woo! I am finally reaching the old age of 32*, and to mark the occasion I figured I would explore the world of Christian gifts, and birthday presents.

Well there more “interesting” things out there, I figured I would kinda base this on my own wish list of stuff (Which for the benefit of any friends and family reading this – IS NOT THE BELOW)

Here is the Church Sofa Top 5 Christian birthday presents: (Clicking some links may provide input to the Sofa Birthday fund)

The Jesus Bottle Opener

Need to open a beer and tell people about love for Jesus? This would be perfect!

Amazon Link

Christian Chocolate Balls?

Because chocolate is good…

Amazon Link

A Christian Paper Weight?

That’s what it is right?

Amazon Link.

Somewhere Inspirational To Put a Pint?

Found at

A Christian T Shirt

Perfect for the creationist in your life?

Amazon Link

Any other ideas?

(Dearest family and friends, please feel free to ask for my wish list… please don’t get confused with the above!)

*At least that’s how old I was when I stopped counting.

A Vicars Birthday List?


Your vicar / rev / minister / local preacher has a big birthday coming up. There’s a nice big party, and everyone’s invited to come along, but you feel like you should pick up a gift… Well here’s a list of gifts that people can buy their vicar:

  1. Communion Wine.
  2. Communion Bread
  3. Theology book of your choice.
  4. New Robes
  5. Bible Computer Software. To help speed that sermon prep up a little bit!
  6. A lovely board game like “Apples to Apples”.
  7. A Christian Hoodie.
  8. A Christian Tapestry… seriously….
  9. A Bible! (The correct translation obviously!)
  10. Something to look after the said Bible… How about a Jeremiah 29:11 bible cover?

What your vicar might actually want:

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Chocolate.
  3. Holiday

Whats the tackiest churchy thing you’ve been given??