Weekly Round Up: The Simpsons Saturday Edition

Hello Weekend.

I missed you.

Here’s some of what we found this week:

  • Kevin DeYoung asks “Dude where’s your bride?“. Harsh comments, or wise words?
  • Chris Kidd highlights this story about the CofE withdrawing funding from ISPs due to lack of action over Internet Porn. Any suggestions on best way to police it?
  • The BigBible have published a great monthly round up.
  • Nick Baine’s looks at the art of “playing the game“.
  • … and finally… The Simpsons look at Creationism

The Weekly RoundUp: The Vegetable Market Edition

Its Saturday.

Here’s some weekend reading to ease you into the weekend:

  • David Kerrigan looks at the whole idea of having a calling to do something, and what does Gods plan look like anyway?
  • Remember the BigBible? There are some exciting changes coming
  • The 21CN Christian ponders if we are too nice
  • In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, the Guardian Newspaper presents an amazing video showing looking at faith, church, and the ‘Big Society’ in action…
  • Do you run a youthclub? Work with young people? Work with people? How do you remember peoples names? Dave Walker has some suggestions…
  • Ever wondered how close a vegetable market can get to a train track?
  • And finally… It looks like the guys at Westboro Baptist are planning to picket Mars Hill, the church where Mark Driscoll is based at. Now I have to admit, I’m not a fan of old Marky boy (heres one example), but I love his blog post about the planned picketing. He some how manages to balance being cheeky with being informative, and welcoming.  Nice one. Now can I get a donut?

Last Saturday we had a Beer with @bigbible…

… and had a nice little chat about the thechurchsofa.co.uk

When did you guys (Andy & Andy) set up your blog and what do you enjoy about it that keeps you blogging?

Over recent years the two of us have been involved in various online projects, in the form of blogs, websites, etc. They have all too varying degrees of success and sustainability. TheChurchSofa is our first joint project and the idea came to us in the summer of this year, whilst partaking in a few pints at the local which happened to be called The Living Room….hence sofa! We wanted to be a voice for the men in churches, who probably, like us often would rather be sat on the sofa watching TV and having a beer than heading to church, but we recognise that this Christian stuff seems to work better in a group.

What inspires your blog post topics and do you have a particular strategy?

Strategy…….not so much! Possibly one day – we’re still trying to find our niche at the moment. In terms of what inspires us, we both try to draw on our own experiences and things that we see popping up in the news, local events, what Bob at church might have mentioned in his preach last Sunday… the list could go on.

Humour is clearly important in  what you’re doing, what’s important about that kind of angle?

Humour???? (is that enough of an answer?)

Who’s on your Blogroll (links) and why?

Good question…..at the moment it’s mostly just our mates plus one or two blogs we liked and have gotten to know via the twitterverse

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The Big Bible Project Interview

Well.. a couple of weeks ago I heard something called “The Big Bible Project” mentioned on Twitter… it was then mentioned by Church Mouse… and the rate they’re going I’m sure more people will hear of The Big Bible Project soon.

One thing has led to another and we’ve managed to get ourselves our first interview, please read on and find out about the Big Bible Project, and have a think if you’d like to get involved.

Please enjoy our interview with Dr Bex Lewis;

What is the Big Bible Project?

The @BigBible Project is an ecumenical project, promoting Bible reading within a community setting, whether that be online or offline. It is part of the #Biblefresh initiative, which Biblefresh is a movement of churches, agencies, organisations, colleges and festivals which has a vision to reignite and re-enthuse the church in its passion for the Bible. For many in our churches the Bible has become tedious and toxic rather treasured, trusted and true. The aim of the Biblefresh initiative is to encourage a greater confidence and passion for Scripture across the Church, in 2001, a year which celebrates the 400th anniversary since the publication of the King James Version of the Bible.
The #BigRead2011 will make use of Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Matthew, encouraging people to meet together in housegroups to read the Bible. The Big Read offers opportunities to go much bigger and much more creative and join in online (inter)nationally. From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and internet chatrooms across the world, we will offer tips & tricks on how to gain confidence in new media, so that you can engage with the project as much as you like. If you want to just read the book, or just download the housegroup materials, that’s all good. If, however, you are keen to understand the possibilities and options offered by the online world, we aim to help you get online, offering inspiring interviews, tips, tricks & training to enable you to engage with the Bible online. We plan to launch it with a Mardi Gras event on Shrove Tuesday, and will provide a ‘party pack’ for that!

Why was the Big Bible project started?

Over Lent 2010, the people of the North East got together for “The Big Read“. Through a series of housegroups and public meetings as well as private reading, they worked their way through Luke, using the first of three texts to be written by Tom Wright. BigRead2010 was such a success that Pete Phillips, Director of the Centre for Biblical Literacy and Communication (CODEC, St John’s College, Durham), buoyed also by the strong interest in a conference last year ‘Christian Communication in a Digital Age’, and a strong passion for enabling stronger Christian communication in the digital age, was determined to turn it into a national project, and tracked down funding.

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