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This week is all about the questions.

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Questions such as Why are we called The Messy Pew (because we didn’t answer that last time), but we also ask ourselves a number of questions about The Bible.

Where are we meant to read the Bible? Are we really meant to read a chapter a day? Where has the whole idea of a quiet time come from anyway? (Cant it be “sitting upset time”?) Is everyone else reading the bible more than you? And what if you’re not a natural reader? Does that mean you just stuck to a life of guilt whenever Bible reading is mentioned in Church?

Could less be more?

What is the point of Deuteronomy?

Andy also shares another story of socially failing in Church.

Please feel welcome to share your feedback, or embarrassing church stories with us.

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What Christians say and what they really mean.

There was a slip of the tongue during a conversation the other week, where someone all but admitted that she may have once used one particular “Christian” phrase, when she meant something else.

This got us thinking, are there any other Christian phrases… which may or may not have another meaning? Here is our list of “What Christians say and what they really mean“:

I’ll go away and pray about it.
I’ll say no in 48 hours.

Is anyone sitting here?
Every other decent seat in the church is taken! Please, for the love of all that is beautiful, please do not make me sit in the front row.

Would you like to sing in the worship group?
We’re desperate, and well, you’ve volunteered for things before…

Peace of the Lord, be with you.
I feel so uncomfortable right now.

Can you serve the teas and coffees after the service?
Honestly, there’s only a slim difference between making tea for one, compared to a hundred. Honest.

May God bless us with this meal.
God, please don’t let it make me ill.

How’s your Bible reading going?
Whatever you say is a lie.

Can I interest you in a cold drink?
Please don’t ask for a tea. I really want a cold beer, but I worry I’ll appear like an alcoholic if I drink by myself.

No I don’t believe God is calling me to repent.
I’m ok with it, but thanks for asking.

Aww Bless you.
That was stupid.

Any more examples out there?

Bible in One Year – Week One #Bible365


Dusty-BibleSo it all starts today we’re looking forward to the challenge and seeing what God might do over the next year as we try to read the whole Bible in just one year. If you don’t remember or didn’t see that’s what we’re doing have a look here if you want to know more.

It’s time to dust off that Bible, or get out your Soul Survivor Bible in One Year (if you have one) that we’re going to be following and start reading.

We wish you all the best with this, please share  any thoughts or reflections you have on what we read this week leave a comment below or send us an email) as we really hope this can be a journey that we go on together and can learn form each other as we do this. Continue reading “Bible in One Year – Week One #Bible365”