The Date: 25.06.01 BC. Location: Nazareth General Hospital…

Date: 25.06.01 BC
Location: Nazareth General Hospital

It was the same argument.

They’ve had it for weeks.

It’s almost sweet, he’s not suggesting that she’s slept with someone else, he just doesn’t believe she’s pregnant.

It was his idea to have the scan early, he wanted to see how far she would carry this crazy story on. Why doesn’t she just say that if she doesn’t want to marry him?

But as he looked at the scan screen waiting for the answers, waiting to be proved right, Joe swallowed, and turned to his wife to be. Mary looked at his face, and knew Josephs world just blew wide open.

Jesus Scan
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Jesus Handbag

The “Christmas Starts with Christ” campaign has returned, and this year its helping to push an advert for a Christmas advert for the most fantastic gift of all.

Yes, she does say “Oh my God”, at the start, but I think thats meant to be taken literally…

Check out the Baby Jesus handbagged video on Youtube for the yearly complaints about a “Christmas Starts with Christ” campaign.