Weekly RoundUp: The Doomsday Edition

A rather random collection of stuff this week:

  • Last Saturday evening, I watched the work of art that was Barcelona playing football. Sam Gibb looks at what the Church could learn from Barcelona.
  • The Church Mouse looks at Paranoia about the role of religion in the Big Society.
  • Paul Adrian Raymond looks at falling down
  • Richard Littledale looks at the results of his Collaborative awe map.
  • Phil Cooke wonders if we should disconnect to reconnect.
  • Quick Plug. Are you a Doctor Who fan? You may like Room515.
  • …and finally.. Someone posted this on Facebook… I was tempted to include here… but “ThisAndy” would kill me. Are you ready for Doomsday?

Where Have You Experienced Awe?

I think, if asked I would be able to sum our our recent trip to Italy nice and easily:

Pizza, wine, and (free to enter) churches.

The Pizza was almost always beautiful. In Italy if you want beautiful pizza, just go anywhere thats half decent… its amazing how little you need to pay for decent red wine… and those churches… I cant think of one Church that we wondered in that didn’t slow down the soul, and made the heart go wow.

There was this one Church near where we were staying in Venice (which didn’t make it into The Lonely Planet), which just seemed to blow me away with it grand architecture. walking

around there, I found myself pondering the love and motivation of the people that built the place. There was a definite feeling  that hit as you walked in. Was I walking onto Holy Ground?

Richard Littledale has started collecting a map of locations around the world showing where people have experienced awe. Give his blog a read to find the story behind the map, or indeed click on the map and add your own “awe location”.