This Week In The Internet: The Twitter Can Be Funny Edition

“This week in the internet” – Where The Sofa shares some of the random things he’s come across in Christian Internet this week.

Something I’ve loved this week (Not on the internet).

The Sofa family took a trick to the Killerton Apple Festival, and found it to be an awesome muddy family out. Powered by Apples. I blogged a bit about it here at Devon Dad Adventures.

A Random Interesting Read.

Looking for a quick overview about “Generation Z”? (Those born between 1995-2012)  Particularly in regards to what the Church should know?

Imagine you were commissioning a missionary from your local church to take the gospel to an entirely unreached people group. You would tell them to learn the language of the people and try to understand their customs and rituals. You’d probably encourage them to translate the scriptures, particularly the message of the gospel, into a language they understand. You would want them to build every cultural bridge possible in order to effectively communicate. Why is it, then, that the same missiology we would take for granted overseas, seems so foreign to us in our own land, where– in every respect – Generation Z are an unreached people group?

Premier Christianity

Give this a read from Premier Christianity.

Something About Biblical Flatulence

Something A Tiny Bit Inspirational

May we all be as awesome as the Church in Hong Kong.

Church Sofa A – Z Guide To Church – Asking Apostles About Apples.

Carrying on the A – Z guide to Church series with some more “A” related words:


According to that trustworthy website Wikipedia:

The word “apostle” comes from the Greekword apóstólos. By breaking it down into its constituents it gives us a literal translation of “from the fleet”. By deriving apó meaning from and stólos meaning fleet. The more general meaning of the word as one who is sent on a mission is translated into Latin as missio, and from this word we get missionary.

So. Why aren’t Christians just known as apostles?


A large multinational corporation, that sells devices and gadgets that are both very pricey and very usable. Possibly struggling a little since the death of Steve Jobs, but an iPhone launch is still a massive massive deal. With the huge number of apps available its only a matter of time until you can press play, put the phone down at the front of the church, and the iPhone will lead and preach during the service. All done with the voice of the phones own “personal assistant”, Siri.

While people are generally accused of worshiping the iPhone, it can also be used in worship. As can be seen:

Interestingly, according to Sunday school, Eve having an apple was a bad bad thing. We can only conclude that Sunday School teachers either own Blackberry phones, or (if indeed it was an Apple – to – eat) they dont educate people to make healthy eating choices.


When in Church, ask questions about things you want to know more about. Someone else might be wondering the same thing and be to shy to ask.

From The Archives: A Tribute

(Originally posted on February 2nd)

I’d like to say that quite clearly the two of us sat on the church sofa are not biased in anyway. At a lot times we’re complete opposites in opinion for example I clearly love chairs in church whilst the other Andy clearly loves pews* and this time is no different. You see I’m a Mac and the other misguided member of the church sofa team is a PC. So here’s a number reasons why Macs are better than PC’s.

1. My Mac still works
2. Macs do what you want them to with out much effort (i.e. connect to a wifi internet connection and you can use the internet, no fiddling round with IP addresses)
3. Macs are sexy
4. Macs are ready to go out the box – everything is already there install a few extra applications you want and you’re set
5. My Mac still works
6. You only need anti virus so that you don’t pass on PC viruses to PC users, the just don’t do anything to Mac at the moment
7. Loads up quickly – turn a mac on and it asks for your password, turn a PC on you go and make a cup of tea and then wait for it finish

And did I mention my Mac still works?

I’m sure there will be an appropriate Why PCs are better post soon, well as soon as the other Andy fixes his PC/buys a Mac.

If you can think of any other reasons please post them below.

*to be honest I can’t really remember which way round the chair and pew thing was anymore.

**Please note this post is made in jest and is not a definitive guide on why Macs are better than PC’s and The Church Sofa still remain entirely unbiased on this issue.