America’s Hate Preachers BBC Documentary

A little bit of viewing pleasure for those who are a “fan” of Pastor Steven Anderson and his style of preaching. The BBC went out last year and put together a documentary about hate preaching in America.


Watch it for such joyful quotes such as:

Sinners that need saving from their liberal politics


Alot of Christians dont understand confrontational evangelism, because they don’t understand the nature of Jesus Christ.

And the slightly ominous observation from the documentary maker…

(They) Feel their views are under threat… the prosecuted they feel the stronger their convictions grow.

This is Pastor Steven Andersons comments about the BBC Hate Preacher documentary after it was broadcast…

While its easy for us Brits to talk about “Americas Hate Preachers”, I wonder if we see similar things but in slightly different form?

Some Light Reading Material? “Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States”

Want some light bed time reading material?

Want to be in tune with American politics?

Want to find out why America might be destroyed?

Try “Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States: Is Hillary Clinton Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Buddhist, and other America-Related Prophecies?”


Ask yourself. Do they need a longer title for the book?

If needed you can get this from Amazon

A Christian Gun?

It seems that Bible verses can be spotted in many places. Cards, “inspirational” posters, Bibles, and now… a rifle.


Whilst I’m sure that being an English guy living in England, means I’m going to struggle to understand why online gun shopping is a thing, let alone why there would be a Bible verse “laser engraved” onto it, I do wonder…

Why is this a thing?

It seems this gun also comes with (what looks like) a badge with a cross, and text saying “If God Wills It”.

Here’s some of the article on this…

A Florida gun maker has launched an ‘ISIS-proof’ assault rifle, complete with a Bible verse and a symbol of the crusades. The firearm boasts three settings – ‘peace,’ ‘war’ and ‘God wills it’ – and has been condemned by Muslim groups.

The ‘Crusader Rifle’ was “designed to never be used by Muslim terrorists,” and is inscribed with Psalms 144:1: “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.”

Made by Spike’s Tactical in Apopka, Florida, the gun is also inscribed with a Knight’s Templar Long Cross – a Christian crusader symbol.

“Off the cuff I said I’d like to have a gun that if a Muslim terrorist picked it up a bolt of lightning would hit and knock him dead,” Thomas said.

The firearm – which costs $1,395 – appears to be a popular choice. According to Spike Tactical’s website, the ‘Crusader Rifle’ is taking up to two weeks to ship “due to overwhelming media response.”

The gun is also being proudly sold at Florida Gun Supply, a store that recently came under fire for declaring the premises a “Muslim free zone.”

“It’s not because we want to have war. It’s because our desire is the same desire as everybody else – we want peace. But unfortunately, if we want peace, we have to prepare for war,” Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan told RT’s Ruptly agency.

Read the rest of the article over at

Here’s their newsreport on the subject

I still haven’t worked out, why this is a thing yet..

You can buy this rifle over at or read more at Orlando Weekly.

President Obama leads crowd in rendition of “Amazing Grace” 

While giving a eulogy for one of the victims of last weeks Charleston shootings in America,  President Obama has led the gathered crowd in a rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

From the Huffington Post:

At the end of his impassioned eulogy for Pinckney, one of the nine people shot and killed at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last week, Obama broke into the hymn.

“If we can find that grace, anything is possible. If we can tap that grace, everything could change. Amazing grace,” he said before beginning to sing.

Read more at The Huffington Post.

Oh and a quick note to our cousins across the pond…


In case you were wondering. This is indeed more evidence that President Obama is cooler then David Cameron.



Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President Of The United States Because She’s A Woman… The Bible Says So

Interesting video from Huffington Post:

The Huffington Post reports:

NEW YORK — Should Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States? There are plenty of sound reasons why not –- an intimacy with Wall Street, dubious achievements as Secretary of State, the need for new blood in the political arena, excessive secrecy and so on. Her gender, however, is not one of them (for some voters the benefit of having the first woman in the White House probably outweighs many of the political objections).

Yet one Texas woman thinks otherwise. Cheryl Rios, a company CEO in Dallas, wrote on Facebook that she’d “move to Canada” if Hillary became President. Why? God, of course… “There’s an old biblical sound reasoning why a woman shouldn’t be president,” Rios told a local news station. Unfortunately, the reporter didn’t ask her where in the book God forbade women from becoming the leader of a country that didn’t yet exist, in a region thousands of miles from the Middle East.

In her initial Facebook post, Rios wrote: “With the hormones we have, there is no way [a woman] should be able to start a war. Yes I run my own business and I love it and I am great at it BUT that is not the same as being the President, that should be left to a man, a good, strong, honorable man.”

Read rest at Huffington Post.

Few questions about this:
Where does it say that a woman shouldn’t be President?
What happens in Canada has a female head of state?

The Independence Day Church Service…

Maybe I’ve simply missed this, I knew that Independence Day was a big deal in America (the movie kinda gives that away), but I didn’t realise there were Independence Day celebrations held in Churches.

The Independence Day Church Service was covered in an interesting blog from Benjamin L Corey over at :

If your church is going to be holding an Independence Day celebration this year, I hope you’ll think this through and decide to skip it. Celebrating Independence Day at church is among what I believe to be the most offensive things we could do in a place that is supposed to be reserved for worshiping the God we see fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the one who taught his disciples to pay their taxes, and nonviolently love their enemies– even to be willing to lay down their lives to love their enemies.

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Strong words, but at the very least it seems that Independence Day services can be an excuse for…


Vice Profiles – “The Slut Shaming Preacher”

As the title suggests, there maybe one or two things here that may upset (The above sign is a mild example). Particularly around the 4 minute mark…

I cant help but think for a guy that seems quite “westboro” in his approach. he comes across as mild mannered in the interview section. If this was in England, would he just get ignored?

More can be read over at Vice.

Go to Church. Get a gun.

Attracting young men to church can be a challenge.

Some churches offer bacon rolls, others have gatherings in a pub.

The Lone Oak First Baptist Church in America is offering steak meals and possibly a gun, in what their Facebook page call a “2nd Amendment Celebration”:

According to The Huffington Post

The churches seek to draw in young “unchurched” men who are passionate about hunting and their second amendment rights. The Courier-Journal described the atmosphere at these events as a mix between a political rally and a prayer meeting.

“We have found that the number of unchurched men who will show up will be in direct proportion to the number of guns you give away,” McAlister said to the Courier-Journal. He claims that 1,678 made “professions of faith” at some 50 events last year, most of which took place in Kentucky.

Not all churches approve of this tactic for spreading Jesus’ word. Rev. Joe Phelps, pastor of Louisville’s independent Highland Baptist Church, commented, “How ironic to use guns to lure men in to hear a message about Jesus, who said, ‘Put away the sword.'”

Pastor Nancy Jo Kemper of New Union Church in Versailles called the events a “travesty,” adding, “How terrible it would be if one of those guns given away at a church were to cause the death of an innocent victim.” She said that the giveaway verges on bribery and “makes a mockery of what evangelism, to my way of thinking, ought to be.”

McAlister defends his gun-promoting strategy as simply, “affinity evangelism,” with hunting as a hook to catch Kentucky men. “So we get in there and burp and scratch and talk about the right to bear arms and that stuff,” he said.

Read More.

I wonder what else churches could give away to attract people? Swords, to attract fans of sword fighting? Unstable nuclear material to attract people curious about bomb making? Helium balloons to fans of people with funny voices?

Is there a line?