The Church Sofa Awards 2016

Welcome to the seventh (SEVENTH!) edition of The Church Sofa Awards.

This is where we celebrate the best and sometimes worse moments of 2016, featured both on this blog and around the internet. Obviously the standard rules apply, no actual awards will be given out or harmed during these proceedings.

The first award is…

Church Notice Board of The Year:  Well this interesting bit of advertising seemed popular… Not sure why…

Twitter Hero of The Year:  @aliveandonline, the founder of . Go on. Give them a follow, and say hi from The Church Sofa.

Most useful Church Sofa List: It looks like we helped people learn how to prepare for when the Vicar visits with our “Vicar coming to visit” checklist.

The Greatest Regret from 2016:  Last year I wrote, “Sofa does try and educate people about Church and Churchy things through the form of lists. This years most popular list seems to be A Reminder of What Is Not in The Bible. I still sometimes ponder writing more about what isn’t in the Bible….” I still have the same ponder, and I’ve still done nothing about it. Sad how quick a year can pass isn’t it?

The Church Toilet of The Year:

Silly Song of The Year:

Anyone else fancy a pizza?

Hero of The World.*

He may not be the hero we need.

But we really feel K2SO from Star Wars – Rogue One, is the hero 2016 deserves.

I would explain why… but *shhh* spoilers…

*This last award may not be serious… Actually none of them are really serious…

What do you reckon? Are then any awards which we should have included??

Any awards that should have been different?

Any thing that we’ve missed out?

2016: A Look At Its Highlights…

As we are approaching the end of the year, blogs all around the internet are looking at 2016, and summing up the highlights from what has been an interesting year. Well the Church Sofa is no stranger to jumping on bandwagons, and as such here is the Sofas attempt to look at highlighting the good news from 2016.

Here is The Church Sofa list of top moments from 2016. Lets have a look at some of the good things that have come out of this year…

  1. Well…
  2. Err…
  3. Emm….
  4.  2016 could have been worse…
  5. Mmmmm….
  6. I….
  7. Rogue One was released, and managed to sum up 2016 in the space of two hours?
  8. Thats it?

Help me out here internet. 

What are the top moments from 2016?