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On camp this year I gave a talk about our relationship with people we don’t know and how we can build God’s kingdom with them. My talk was based around the idea of a movement of love from hostility to hospitality and overcoming our fears and prejudices of other people. This is a beautiful Wordle of my notes

Strippers Protest Against a Church.

Like a plot from a bad comedy;

A number of strippers in Warsaw, Ohio have protested outside a local church which regularly pickets them.

Tommy George, who runs the Foxhole club, launched the protest against the actions of Pastor Bill Dunfee of the New Beginnings Ministries church located 7 miles away, The Columbus Dispatchreports.

Dunfee and members of his ministry have picketed the Foxhole every weekend for the last four years, waiting in the car park with signs, horns and video cameras. The church later posts video clips of patrons’ number plates online.

Dunfee said: “Tom George is a parasite, a man without judgement. The word of Jesus Christ says you cannot share territory with the devil.”

George has responded in recent weeks by taking strippers armed with water pistols and dressed in see-through shorts along to the church.

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So… We did the “The Peace” at Church…

We did the “The Peace” at Church… and I couldn’t help thinking about this cartoon from Dave Walker;

In fact I actually used this cartoon to break the ice with a bunch of people that we didn’t know… well it seemed that we were surrounded by people that we didn’t know – so the above cartoon got well advertised…

As part of this panic-fuelled ice breaking, I was asked where I would I sit on the above cartoon.

Personally I would draw some dude wearing a hoodie, shaking peoples hands, eyeing the exit less and less as time goes on. With that in mind, why is “The Peace” ended just as I get comfortable with this madness?

What would a drawing of you during “The Peace” look like?

Explaining God?

Asbojesus posted this one up recently


It made me wonder about why so often in church we make the message of the gospel seem so boring and so dull when actually you read the Bible and it’s one of the most exciting things ever happening. Like when Lazarus was brought back to life (john 11). I’ve heard people talk about this like it’s an everyday occurence…Come on he’s just died and come back to life that is pretty amazing!!! The same with any of Jesus’ miracles they are truly amazing things yet we treat them like there’s nothing to them, as if they happen all the time.

I know that I’m, as guilty of this as anyone, especially when it comes to God working in my own life and in those around me.  I might pray and ask God for something to happen or ask to know his will or for his will to be done, I get an answer and then i forget God even exists.  In ‘The Cross and the Switch blade‘ David Wilkerson recounts a conversation with his wife, after he has prayed and asked God to work in the lives of the gang that he’s meeting and sharing his faith with he starts to see them becoming christians and he says to his wife that they must be making fun of him or mocking him. Her response is great she says to him, why are you being so stupid, you asked for a miracle, you got one and now you’re trying to explain it away like it was something completely normal. How often is God working in our lives and we try to explain it away as if He isn’t even there?


Well ThisAndy has just come back from running a youth camp for a week in south Devon. I’m shattered and exhausted in every possible way, have picked up a few minor injuries such as pulled muscles and I am thoroughly ready for a good sleep and another shower.

This was a camp that is not that like many others. First of all the leaders get actual beds…that’s right a proper bed frame and mattress. We also have hot showers which is rather nice and a fantastic team of leaders who do a great job and all make it seem like they can get themselves off of their sofa but sounded as though they would be glad to head back to it at the end of the week.

Anyway there were a couple of moments that I particularly wanted to put up here to share the first is the idea of a sacred place. One of the visitors to the camp this year had been praying for us and felt that the site we are based on is what Celtic Christians would refer to as a ‘thin place’. A place where heaven and earth are much closer together, a place where we meet with God and a place where people have met with God in the past, present and will again in the future. This made me think about the places that I meet God in. One in particular is the field we have the camp in, God’s presence feels very strong there, for me I often meet God in nature, a place that I feel comfortable in and a place where I am surrounded by everything God has made. Where is your sacred place? Where do you meet with God?

The second is about purpose, why do we end up doing the things we do. This year at camp was very sad as we said good bye to the managers of the team but also exciting as we welcomed the new ones. On the last morning of camp we were praying for the old manager, thanking God for what they had done, for the blessings he had given through them, the gifts he had given them and for their future. One of the campers shared a short testimony that if it hadn’t been for the work of these two managers she wouldn’t have met with God in the same way and wouldn’t have understood it if she had. This got me thinking about how often in serving God we don’t see the affects of what we do, which is quite biblical in a sowing and reaping sense. But this testimony was one of those moments which spurred on the managers and the whole team by saying to us ‘Yes, you’ve got it right, keep on going!!’. I want to share that with you too, if you’re serving God then keep on going as even though you might not see the effects of it, they are there!