Church Sofa T-Shirts

It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s almost definitely true!

The church Sofa lads are going to get some church sofa t shirts, and we need your help to design it, if you’d like to submit a design, the best one when we decide to close the competition will be turned into an actual tshirt and you will receive a signed photo of both Andy’s in their very own church sofa tshirt’s*.

You may be thinking, hold on a sec the church sofa seems reasonably well designed…these guys must be able to design a tshirt. Well this is the best we’ve come up with. And if you don’t come up with something better we’ll make this!














So you might be thinking now, but I don’t have any design software? or I don’t know how to use it?

If that’s you feel free just to let us know a catchy slogan that would either go with the church sofa logo or would be a good stand alone slogan about church.


*You dont have to have a photo unless you really want too!

Weekly Round Up – The Predictable Riot Edition

I’m not sure if doing a round up of peoples comments about the riots is predictable, or sensible. Hopefully you’ll find something new here:

The Chiefs, Chaos and Dignity

Way,way back when, the Kaiser Chiefs managed to launch themselves to stardom with a little tune called “I predict a riot”. It was a little bit of a smash hit, with people singing it left right and centre…
Maybe we should have seen this coming

I came home from a great evening out last night, to see images of my university city burning.

To be honest I’m not sure exactly whats gone wrong, but I do know that something isn’t going right.

This guys speech seems to sum it up for me, and all credit to him:

For more on this click here

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