The Light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off











For many, Christmas is a really hard time of year. It’s a time when debt gets worse, people borrow more and more money so they can make Christmas a ‘happy’ time. It’s a time when people miss loved ones they’ve lost. It’s a time when many get together with friends and family and a time when some get left on their own with no one around them. For some it probably feels like the ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ has been turned off; That there is no hope left.

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Weekly RoundUp: The Really Almost Christmas Edition

Its almost Christmas, so the Christmas flavor is increasing:

  • But before we delve into Christmas, The New Kid on The Blog learns to say no.
  • Looking at David Cameron’s speech on Christianity, the Spectator Blog asks if he missed the point?
  • Andrew Kelsall ponders how long it will take to tweet the whole Bible… one verse… a… day… (Answer: A long time).
  • Moving into the Christmas stuff… The Ship of Fools asks, “Did you play Mary?
  • Digital Spy reports on a Dating Site… mixing the nativity, with ebay…
  • Do you seem to like food? Ben Sinclair has some tips on avoiding the Christmas Belly!
  • And Finally…  JesusNeedsnewPR presents the WORST nativity you will see this year… if not EVER!!!!!!!

Build a Box

Way, way back in the dawn time. Well around the start of 2001, I found myself in Albania as part of the Action Team gap year scheme ran by BMS World Mission. Now I could tell you what I found myself involved with, but it was so crazy and varied I’m only going to focus on the one thing:


I don’t mean random boxes containing shoes, I mean presents put in shoeboxes for children around the world.

I mean Operation Christmas Child style shoeboxes.

These shoeboxes are collected up at supermarkets, schools, and churches* around England and sent abroad to give to poor kids.

That’s one side of it. I was lucky enough to see what happens to the boxes on the other side.

Simply put: These boxes can be a great bridge builder between Church and the community where these boxes are being shared, and if the chance raises, it can also be a chance to share the link between giving of presents and the gift of Jesus. At the end of the day, no matter who gives them out on the other end, it is a chance to make some sort of difference this Christmas time.

Now, why I’m I waffling on about this? We discovered the fantastic Shoebox World website this evening, part of the Samaritans Purse / Operation Christmas Child setup, this is a website that takes the hassle out of putting a box together.

It’s easy to use.

More importantly, it’s not to late to give a needed gift.

* and more then likely a 101 other types of locations.

Operation Christmas Child FAQ
Shoebox World
Samaritans Purse


Do you need to get off Facebook?

We realised not that long ago that one of the main ways the 2 Andy’s of The Church Sofa, communicate with each other mostly through Facebook chat with a few texts, emails and tweets in between, when we’re not at the pub at least. And we’re pretty much both firmly involved in social media in several ways. This guy however raises some interesting questions…