Weekly Round Up – The “I’m Sorry” Edition

Here’s  this weeks / last weeks round up:





Church Sofa Reflections #2: The end of an era

For the last 8 or 9 months the two Andy’s of The Church Sofa have not only worked together on The Church Sofa but we also worked together, well, at work. We’ve been supporting some of the many people using the internet in a variety of ways. From telling people that as their internet supplier we can’t help them set up their printer to teaching them where the ‘Enter’ key is and to genuinely fixing the internet from time to time.
This sadly is not going to be the case much longer as I’m not going to be working with the other Andy much longer. But don’t worry I’ll still be here on the sofa as much as possible and hopefully will get some fantastic ideas for future posts as I’ll now be leaving my job and starting a new one. Hopefully a place where I can much more easily see that I’m serving God and being a blessing to people.

That being said I’m sure we’ve all heard that we can serve God in everything and that what is in our hearts is what counts. 1 Samuel 16 tells us of how God chose David through Samuel. One of the main things to come out of this is that God looks at the heart not the outward appearance as we so often do. In my new post working with young people, it may be easier to see that I’m serving God as you could say that it’s more like ‘mission’ (wish I could think of a better way of saying that). But all work can be serving God and giving our praise and worship to God if we do it with the right attitude and who knows what that one nice comment to someone you don’t know at the end of the phone might mean to them, or taking that little bit more time to help them with something you don’t have to.

Do you all like your jobs?
How do you deal with feeling unsettled at work?
Do you feel God has called you to your job?
How can you serve God more at work?

Weekly worship bit #722

Ok so the number may be a bit off but it’s good that we set our sights high :p
Tim Hughes’ latest album has been out for a little while now, if you haven’t heard it yet I’d recommend checking it out. A CD that can truly lead you into worship.

Do You BLAB?

Well here’s something thats just appeared on our radar.

Following “Chirp – The Christian Alternative To Twitter“, it looks like MyBlab is here to join in the Christian social networking party. From the looks of it… it seems to be presenting itself as an alternative to Facebook. I cant help but wonder, why are these sites set up?

Whats so bad with Christians being part of Twitter / Facebook?

Weekly Round Up – After The Royal Wedding Edition

Welcome to this weeks roundup:

  • ASBOJesus looks at the royal wedding
  • The MadPriest looks at the reaction from Westminster Abbey to Ben Sheward – the cartwheeling verger.
  • Moving away from the wedding… CNN looks at the story of J.Wilson… and his Beer only fast.
  • Jon Butler looks at all being about context.
  • And finally… The Church Mouse has released his birth certificate to confirm he is indeed a mouse. Sadly it doesn’t confirm why he looks a little bit gerbil…


Ben Sheward – Hero of The Week

We’re going to start a new weekly* series called Hero / Villain of the week. Basically people would be a hero if they did something particularly cool, something note worthy… in a positive way… If someone is awarded “Villain” they just made us wince, sigh, or just shout out “DOH”.

We’re starting with Ben Sheward a verger at Westminister Abbey, who after a successful royal wedding, did cartwheels down the centre aisle. In my mind he managed to show great joyful emotion from the Westminister Abbey crew, sum up the mood of a nation, and provide a fantastic comedy moment at the same time.

Here is that moment:

Sorry about Phillip Schofield.

*We say “weekly” – we may not do another one for months…

[EDIT – 2nd May] Sadly it seems our hero has been looked upon as a Villain by the powers that be, and has been in trouble for showing joy… the Arch Bishop Cranmer is collecting a petition together in his support. May be worth checking it out… Please…

Church Sofa reflection #1 – Job Done.

Beer and Bible - Jesus The Carpenter
Well here goes for the first Church Sofa Devotion /Reflection /Bible bit/ thing. And as is the season it’s about Easter. We’ve deliberately not drawn any conclusions so feel free to draw your own and please share them too.

I’m the son of a carpenter. Which lead to great fun growing up getting to go to building sites and help my Dad bring walls down and then build something in it’s place. Recently I’ve, at times, been wandering about maybe following in the trade, though I think this may just be me trying to escape work.

Anyway a few thousand years ago carpenters had a tradition. They’d have a cloth with them that they’d wipe sweat away with and clean up their work with too. And when they’d finish the job they’d fold up the cloth and leave it behind.  It was a symbol to say the job is finished, my work is done. A few interesting thoughts, Jesus was a carpenter, when he came out of the tomb he left behind a folded up cloth. My work is done.