What does hope look like?

Something a little different for this post. I’m going to attempt to actually blog something.

I’ve been been mulling something for a few days.

What does sharing hope online look like?

Does it look like a sharing a post from your church inviting people to attend their online service? (Possibly not? Possibly it could be?) Does it look like sharing an image with an encouraging Bible verse?

I’d love to hear your ideas and examples?

Should I go to that Church Thing? (The September update)

Back when this Covid thing first started, Sofa tried to be helpful, and created a flowchart for people to follow to help decide if they should go to a church thing or not. (This was back when Church things were a… thing*).

So… I figured I would try an “updated version”.

It may have ran out of my control a little bit…

*For whats its worth, a lot of others things were also a “thing” back then! (EG. Pints inside, eating out… and warm…, questionable hand hygiene etc)