In The Defence of Homer Simpson: Bart The Genius

Have you ever been inspired by a sermon to start something?

Well, based on a church sermon which said “Don’t be like Homer Simpson”, this is a series of podcasts where I try and show, that we are all a bit like Homer Simpson – and wonder if that would really be a bad thing anyway.

This is where I watch Bart The Genius. Where the worst that Homer does is take an interest in his son*.

I admit, its because Bart isn’t who Homer thinks he is, but you know…

In Defence of Homer Simpson

Once up on a time, I heard a sermon with the advice. “Don’t be like Homer Simpson”.

Now at around March last year, I started a podcast around day trips, and things to do in Devon. Well obviously, that didn’t go to plan, and well… I’ve been meaning to do something with the podcast for a while.

Here’s the start of a new series “In Defence of Homer Simpson”, where I sit down, watch The Simpsons, and formulate a defence of Homer Simpson as a parent and a human being, while also talking covid, storms, and whiskey.

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