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Here’s a new thing we’ve been up to.

This is basically us trying to work out what all the Church stuff means. If it means anything much.

The Messy Pew podcast is about drinking beer (or cider if you’re gluten free), parenthood, geekery, and looking at the Christian faith, with more questions then answers.

Here’s our first episode, where we kinda explain all a bit better than the above.

Yes, its another Christian podcast, from two white guys, with no media training.

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When a Church Chants ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

There’s nothing to see here. Just a Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

Indeed. He starts talking about another Church chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’, before encouraging that Church to also chant ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’.

‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ btw, means F*** Joe Biden.

And its being chanted in churches.


Its enough to make me miss Lord I Lift Your Name being sung in Church…