Slim With Him!

Are you a Christian who… for what ever reason likes the idea of losing a bit of weight? 

Have you wondered what a Christian approach might be to losing weight? 

Check out Slim With Him: A guide to slimming the biblical way. According to Amazon:

Slim with Him is a guide to slimming in an effortless way. It uses the grace that has been freely given to us by Christ, and encourages us to get closer to God, so that our needs will be met through Him, rather than food or a crash diet.

Also available on Kindle. (Affiliate links)

This Christmas – Play Christmas Carol Service Bingo : 2018 Edition!

As a planet, we are about to leave the crazy world of 2018. But before that – its Christmas. And in Church communities around the world, that can mean Carol Services aplenty. 

Have you ever sat in a Carol Service and found that it felt oddly familiar? Maybe the service feels the same as a previous one, but with a few changes? 

To test that feeling, we have The Christmas Carol Service Bingo Game. Please feel free to print out the below, and share the bingo cards along the back row, during the Carol Services of this upcoming Christmas season. Normal rules of bingo apply, whenever you see / hear any of the below, cross it out. Once you get a straight line, shout BINGO HARK!

Make sure you share a Mince Pie and some mulled wine while playing…

The Church Sofa Christmas Card (of Exeter Cathedral)


Christmas time is just around the corner. Sorry to point it out, but Christmas is really very nearly here.

Have you brought Christmas Cards yet? If not, can I suggest* this card featuring Exeter Cathedral in a winter scene?

As well as supporting a local Devon photographer, you’d also be helping to keep the Church Sofa running smoothly! Or at least as smooth as it usually gets.

This card is available from

<end of plug>

*When I say suggest, what I mean is that I made a Christmas card**

**And this is a really blatant plug. Sorry about that***.