8 Steps to Recreate Church At Home

So. Lockdown then? From a medical stand point, its great. Great for keeping people apart, great for slowly the spread of a virus from a person to another. Not great for Churches to be open on a Sunday.

To help with Sunday mornings being a “No Church” time, here are a number of ideas to help recreate the church ambience whilst you’re at home.

  1. While watching the online service, sit relative to where you might normally sit on a “normal” Sunday morning. For example, if you normally sit at the front, sit right in front of the screen. If you’re at the back at Church, at the back of your room. If you spend Sunday mornings in the toilet…
  2. Make a lot…. of coffee. Drink it cold.
  3. Squash. Weak.
  4. If you’re of a higher church taste, get that incense stick going! (Close the windows whislt you’re at it)
  5. Make random conversation with the people you’re living with. Obviously act like you’ve not really seen each other for a week.
  6. Sing loud and out of tune during any worship songs.
  7. Remember to send a message to someone you’ve not heard from in a while to say hello.
  8. Make a note reminding yourself that loving your neighbour may include a few things being a weird for a while.

Anything else you can suggest?

Christian Movie of The Week

Yes. Its a movie time travel about apparently Islamic Terrorists capturing time travel technology, and going back in time to assassinate Jesus.

I might wait for its release onto Netflix.

h/t to Christian Nightmares

Now. This Is Something Nice.

I’m sure most of UK Christian Facebook has seen this, but its still going here, as well. Its nice to have something nice every now and then.

And this. It’s a little bit like a vocal hug.

If you’ve not heard this. Give this a listen. If you have. Well… perhaps give it another listen.

Getting Ready For Church: A Checklist

Its Sunday. And yes. There is still a pandemic going on. Yes Church is a bit weird.

Sorry. I mean, Church is weirder than normal.

So how do you get ready for Church, when things are all a bit… pandemic?

Check out The Church Sofa Checklist, to help you get ready for Church.

Do you have any to add?

Church Fashion: The 2020 Collection

Well, for Church this week. Can Sofa suggest something appropriate?

Something, you know, that points to Jesus, and suitable for where you are.

Something like this?

Yes. They are pyjamas. Has anyone worn anything else for the last 7 weeks?

Find it at CafePress.

Church and Face Masks

Lets face it… Face masks may be a thing for a while. Even after lock down restrictions have been lifted, its likely that areas around the world may be seeing a fair amount of face masks around the place.

The Church. Not to be late to the party in these things have ensured that are a number of Churchey masks around the place.

Hillsong Australia have started stated offering a face mask. (If you sign up to their “subscription box”), Hillsong Africa are also involved with the face mask game… and offering instructions on how to make your own. (Which, Sofa does support)

And then theres this.

Sold out now, but get it from Amazon when you can! (affiliate link)

(With thanks to Christian Nightmares)