10 Ways To Get The Church Leader To Love You


Lets face it. There’s a reason why we get nervous about the vicar (or any Church leader) coming to visit us. It’s because the Church Leader is basically the closest to God we can basically get right?

Otherwise, how else would the Church Leader be a Church Leader right?

So following that logic, wouldn’t it be good if the Church leader loved us right?

Here are 10 ways to get the Church Leader to love you.

  1. Raise your hands in worship at least twice every Sunday.
  2. Make it clear that PCC Top Trumps is indeed your favourite game.
  3. During the sermon shout out helpful, slightly related Bible verses, my favourite is 2 Kings 2:23-24.
  4. Doodle complimentary things about God and the Church in the Church Bibles.
  5. As you leave ‘hum’ parts of the sermon to yourself, so he doesn’t feel jealous of the worship leader.
  6. During the sermon shout out AMEN! Every 2 minutes…
  7. Dress like your church leader. Bonus points if you’re not the same gender, or if your Church leader wears really big robes.
  8. Make your ‘fly needs checking’ motions halfway through the service.
  9. At least a week beforehand, ask what their main points in the sermon will be, so you can read up on it. This may also act as a prompt for them to start working on the sermon, which would be even better.
  10. Mark their sermons 10 out of 10 each week. Use big boards, and hold them up at the back of the Church towards the end of sermon. Encourage people around you to cheer and applause when you do.

Any other suggestions that you would add?

The Weekly Round Up – The Twitter Edition…

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When you don’t totally disagree with everything Westboro Baptist Church says…

Its ok. I dont agree with the whole tweet… or able to read the picture file…

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Is there anything I’ve missed out?

Needing Some Lent Ideas?

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Have you decided what you’re giving up for Lent yet? Here are some ideas of what to give up for Lent… spin the wheel and be inspired about what you should give up for Lent.

Is there anything that should be added?

When you have a new welcomer…

Possible other tricks for Church welcomers could include…

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  • Electric hand buzzers
  • See how many leaflets, song sheets, notices, and Bibles. (Yes. Plural). Everyone can be given as they arrive. Take bets on who would drop them all first.
  • A Flower Water Squirter… attached to your shirt.
  • Ask someone who has never been to your church before to join the welcoming team that one Sunday. Watch the confusion on the faces on the regulars as they realise they have no idea who this person is.*
  • Spinning Bow Ties
  • Offer everyone a coffee… while its actually an espresso.
  • Try and hide your head in your top… balance this where your head should be.

Any you can suggest?

*Actually I have happy memories of accidentally being involved in something like this.