The American Bible Challenge Game



What is The American Bible Challenge Game?

According to iTunes:

Based on our new game show, GSN presents the official American Bible Challenge Game!

Test your Bible knowledge, earn as many points as you can, and compete with your friends and fellow group members to achieve the highest score. Show host Jeff Foxworthy will encourage you throughout the game as you unlock new rounds and levels.

This game features four different question types that span the entirety of the Good Book. Answer correctly and you’ll be racking up points for yourself and your group, and moving up the Leaderboard. Answer incorrectly, and you’ll get new chapters in your Bible Study that will help you get those questions right the next time.

Ready to play? Download the free app now, and don’t forget to tune in to The American Bible Challenge on GSN- The Game Show Network.

  • Would you play this?
  • Do games like this run the risk of making people think that being a Christian is all about knowledge?
  • How great is that guys mustache? 
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Jesus in a Tree?

We’ve had Jesus Toast… Jesus in a shower… and also Jesus in a Penrith toilet.

Now the Daily Mail is reporting on Jesus in a Tree…


According to the Daily Mail:

The face of Jesus has been spotted on trees, windowpanes and even slices of toast.

But the Son of God has now made his latest earthly appearance on a tree stump in Belfast City Cemetery.

The outline of what appears to be a bearded figure resembling the image of Jesus appeared on a recently felled tree beside a grave.

The image has fascinated people visiting the Falls Road graveyard with footage even being posted on YouTube and social networking sites.

Graveyard workers say several people have been spotted sitting and praying to the image.

One worker said ‘Before long this place will become like Knock’, (Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo is Ireland’s National Marian Shrine, pilgrims visit the site of the Apparition in 1879).

Local people say it’s a sign from god, workers say it was the burn marks left from the chainsaw, others have there own opinion, but no one really knows how the image got there.

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