Have you seen the Salvation Yo Yo?

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...So. The Salvation Yo Yo…

Its not to be confused with a Yo Yo.
Or a Christian Yo Yo…

Its also more then a fun toy… according to the website:

Each Salvation Yo Yo is hand made and individually inspected for quality craftsmanship. Made of yarn, the five colors are carefully woven together to form the ropes and colored balls of the yo yo. These are held together by a sturdy suede leather handle with a cross embroidered on it.
Through this design, it is simple to share the Gospel in a clear and concise.
The colors represent: God (Gold ball), New Life (Green ball), Sin (Black string), Sins washed away (White string), Jesus Christ (Red handle with a white cross), Jesus’ sacrifice for us is represented by the two red strings leading from the cross connecting God (Gold ball) to the New Life (Green ball) available to all those who believe in the saving grace of Jesus.


Salvation Yo Yo

Dads Corner: Welcome To The World of SKG

Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper GirlWelcome to the world of The Secret Keeper Girl website.

I kinda came across this website by mistake (I was looking for something a little more Doctor Who based), its not the prettiest place in the world… I’m not sure if its because its a Flash based nightmare, or if its the mad colours… but I’m not sure if I like it…

What do you reckon?

Useful resource for children?