An Emergency Vicar?


Its a busy time for any one. I imagine its a particularly busy time for any passing vicar / minister / clergy, not helped by the sometimes crazy weather that particularly the more rural parishes have to contend with, its not really a surprise to hear that any members of church staff sometimes struggle to get to where they need to be?

What if they cant make it to the Christmas service? Will Christmas be cancelled?

No! Buy your church this “Inflatable Priest“(Amazon Link) and never worry about your minister being late again!*

Inflatable Vicar Priest - Perfect Christmas gift for Churches

* Obviously this idea will only really apply to churches that cant tell the difference between their vicar, and a big balloon.

Do You Love God, and Puppies?

church Sofa

Do you love God?

Do you get to know him through the power of Bible reading?

Do you love Gods cutest puppies?

This this might be for you!The Puppy Bible

According to the product description on

If you love puppies, you will love this Bible! Inside you will find 12 color pages of adorable puppy photos with inspirational thoughts that will encourage you day after day. The Playful Puppies Bible is just the right size to take along wherever you go. Features include:

* Presentation page for gift giving

* Ribbon marker

* Words of Christ in red

* 12 pages of adorable puppy photos, Scripture references, and inspirational thoughts

* The entire Bible in the New International Version

Do you feel your Bible is missing cute puppies?

Are You A Belieber?

According to

Is there something more to Bieber’s unprecedented success than his innate cuteness and preternatural musical talents? Could a powerful spiritual yearning be lurking behind all the purple and puppy-love lyrics?

With the keen eye of a veteran religion journalist and culture watcher, Cathleen Falsani takes an in-depth look at how the bold yet humble faith of this teenage ubercelebrity is not only a key to his staggering popularity, but an influence that is shaping the lives and hearts of young people (and more than a few of their parents) worldwide.

So. Theres a book. Looking at the faith of Justin Bieber. Sound classy so far?

Check out the video:

Is this a serious reflection on his faith, or a bit of a money spinner?