Church and Face Masks

Lets face it… Face masks may be a thing for a while. Even after lock down restrictions have been lifted, its likely that areas around the world may be seeing a fair amount of face masks around the place.

The Church. Not to be late to the party in these things have ensured that are a number of Churchey masks around the place.

Hillsong Australia have started stated offering a face mask. (If you sign up to their “subscription box”), Hillsong Africa are also involved with the face mask game… and offering instructions on how to make your own. (Which, Sofa does support)

And then theres this.

Sold out now, but get it from Amazon when you can! (affiliate link)

(With thanks to Christian Nightmares)

When The Vague Prophecy Has a Result

*cue dramatic voice over*

Previously on The Church Sofa… we may saw this…and commented….

Well that was both doom laden, and vague. I guess if something happens, at somepoint, in some of those huge cities – Jim Bakker can point back to this right?

Back in January…

Well… I guess we can call this

Vague Prophecy of The Week Part 2

Now with added Assissinations.

Nice. I guess this means he’ll be saying “I knew it” if some poor preacher person gets killed?

Oh… you’re right. He cant take donations by credit card at the moment