When The Daleks Met Jesus (Or Something)

I dont know how I came across this. But it seems there was an art exhibition a while back which featured Daleks painted into nativity type scenes.

After complaints from local Christians in Cornwall, it seems the exhibition simply moved up to Cardiff – the spiritual home of Doctor Who.

I wonder if I have enough Lego to recreate more Bible scenes with Doctor Who characters?

Check out The Spectator for more information.

Are you a Christian who likes to dance?

Are you a Christian who just likes to dance?

Have you ever played “Just Dance”, and thought “This could do with a little more praise?”

Well it seems Christian Just Dance might be a thing… at least the videos are a thing anyway…

Check out the Christian Just Dance – Just dance fandom website for more information.

Should Christians Watch Disney Pixars Soul?

pink white and purple light up disneyland castle

A question I thought / hoped / prayed had died with Harry Potter saying goodbye to his kids on the platform at Kings Cross.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the question was more along the lines of “What Can Christians Learn From…(in this case) Soul”. Wouldn’t that at least put across the impression that Christians were “for” things, rather than questioning culture all around.

No I’m not saying we should accept everything, but I wonder what a change in tone would be like?

And no… I’ve not watched Soul on Disney Plus yet, I’ve been busy with the Switch, Doctor Who Christmas specials, or Marvel films.

When Church Meets Coach to 5k?

I have to admit I’m not sure what this is?

Is this when meeting outside and running, instead of sitting in a hall?

Perhaps with some Bible teaching via the headphones?

I’m not sure how worship songs would work… but the more I think about it, the more I’m liking the idea and kinda hope I’m right.

I totally failed at c25k when I tried it, but what if this was a thing?

Its The First Month, Dont Forget Your First Fruits

arrangement of juicy orange slices

Remember Paula White? Spiritual Advisor to Donald Trump?

She has a thing about people offering God their first fruits…

Obviously her website gives plenty of chances to offer first fruits in the form of money. Indeed. It seems the higher amount of money fruit you have – the more stuff she will send back to you.

Like you’re buying something really I guess…

The Optimistic Christian Book of the Year?

Are you an optimistic?

Do you feel there are better days ahead?

Are you a Christian?

I may have stumbled over the optimistically Christian part of Amazon. (Affliate link)

The 2021 planners. Looking a bit a like this…

Including inspirational quotes, and Christian holidays noted. Get it from Amazon (affiliate link)

Not that I’m saying that any plans for 2021 is overly optimistic, but I do feel more hope for stuff happening in 2022….