A Plug.

Is there a way to have a self indulgent plug about another website, and have no one notice?

What if I include a photo of a plug?

What if I come up with a way of rating how much of “a plug”, “a plug” is. (Obviously the highest score would be an actual electrical plug)

What if I said that the editor of this fair blog had a website that was a collection of photography, and other creative endeavors? If I said that website was found here at andymackay.org.uk, would any one notice such a blatant plug?

Or would it be as subtle as a Church Treasurer explaining that the church needs more money?

Times Change…

Times Change and so must I Doctor Who

I seem to be spending a lot of time packing at the moment, I guess its what you do when you up sticks and move from your cosy flat.

As well as packing and unpacking, theres going to be other things going on like unpacking, learning how to mow a lawn, working out what is just “stuff”, and trying to sort out an internet connection. So I guess things are going to be a little quiet around here for a bit whilst we get things sorted.

The Sofa will be coming back, it may come back with a new look, and new things. It might not. But feel free to drop me a line with any ideas of things you may like to see around here.

In the meantime, feel free to track down my “other” twitter account and say hi!

(Image taken from “We All Change”)

Three Years Ago…


Three years ago today, two guys sat in a pub, enjoying a pint or two.

Conversation seemed to focus on life, our place in it, and what the Church had to do about. I’m not sure how, but the idea for a website came out of it. Whilst the original idea was for the website to look at the place of men within church, things seemed to change from attempting to be serious, to one of taking a look at the weirder side of church, as well as pondering about the Church in general.

Whilst our our blog birthday itself is tomorrow (and something silly is planned), I just wanted to say Thank You to our many friends out in the internet for making us realise we’re not along in thinking that church is a little silly at times.

Important Announcement

It’s with great regret that we have to tell you all this.

The Church Sofa is no more.

It’s been a hard few months and we’ve been trying to keep it going but unfortunately we are now unable to work together on this project. Some of you who know us personally might have heard us arguing more and more lately about whether we should have chairs or pews, in fact the other Andy even mentioned rebranding as the church pew. You’ll be able to keep up with us individually on twitter/facebook etc. but as we said The Church Sofa has had it’s cushions removed and is no longer workable.

It’s been a great couple of years and we will miss the sofa dearly and we’re eternally grateful to all the people who we’ve met along the way.


Team Sofa.

Stop Blogging. Do Something.

Let me tell you a story.

Pretty much a year ago, we published the following:

If you haven’t noticed. Twitter was all a bit of a storm over the weekend, with Christians either having a moan about a new book from Rob Bell, or having a moan about people having a moan about Rob Bell… To the point he started trending on Twitter. Seriously… people thought he had died!

While all this was going on, a few people started muttering about soup kitchens being banned in Westminster.

Thats a joke right? In the age of “Big Society” and people looking after each other… instead of the government being involved… you would think that soup kitchens would be encouraged.

The Daily Mail seems to confirm this isn’t a joke…

Now why cant we all get angry over this instead?


(On a side note. Lets wait for Robs’ book to be released before we all go nuts…)

Original Post with Comments


Now, this did prompt some discussion on Twitter, mostly about homelessness, but there was one comment that stick with me a little bit. I cant remember who said it, cant remember exactly what was said, but it was something like: “Instead of being angry, why dont you do something?”

So I’m going to put it to you.

Do you fancy doing something a little unique and different for charity, and possibly help one more person not have to sleep rough?

The Church Sofa Lads are taking part in the Exeter Sleep Easy, why dont you join in either at Exeter, or at one of many many locations around England.

YMCA – Sleepeasy

Just Giving


Martin Smith shares his sofa choices

So I recently got back from the 2011 Worship Central Conference, while I was there I learnt many things. Including that one of the worship leaders from my church is even crazier than I had previously thought and some pretty interesting stuff about social media thanks to Vicky Beeching.

However most interestingly this is what I discovered when I ran into Martin Smith…

Martin Smith Church Sofa from Andy Hood on Vimeo.

Do any of you have a favourite sofa?

Calling all Greenbelters

If you’re going to Greenbelt this year, we have a special challenge for you. Our very own ThisAndy is going to be at greenbelt. And you all have a chance to win a very special prize*. All you have to do to win this prize, is find ThisAndy at Greenbelt, and get his attention and say to him the following phrase:

“You’re Andy Hood, from The Church Sofa, can I have my prize now please?”

There are also some clues available,

  • There is a picture of him below.
  • Follow @andy_hood on twitter as he may post some clues as to his whereabouts and where he might be found.
  • He is one of the contributors to the festival











*Please note: prize may not be special at all.