Church Sofa Guide To Church: The Harvest Service

So the research is in. And we have the definitions in for “The Harvest Service”:

  • A Sunday morning service where people bring in fresh fruit and veg to send over seas.
  • A Sunday morning service where people bring in non fresh food for local needy people… that may not have a tin opener.
  • The yearly service where we thank God for his goodness to us.
  • A service where people auction themselves to raise money for a new Church roof.
Serious question. In a world where we get our fresh food and meat from Tescos, is there still a place for the Harvest Service?

Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church: In Christian Love

Normally when putting together a definition for our “Half Serious Guide To Church”, we give our researchers a task or a phrase and send them to Church. This time we decided to experiment on them. We sat them all down together in a tiny room and asked them to do something “in Christian Love”.

The reactions were interesting.

  • One turned around to another… and well gave some rather… blunt personal advice…
  • One guy laughed. Hit another. Said that was done “in Christian love”.
  • Someone got up, and made everyone tea.

I suppose 1 positive reaction isn’t bad..?

The Church Sofa Half Serious Guide to Church: ‘The Peace’

So those of you who have been to a CofE or Catholic church will more than likely have been confronted with ‘The Peace’ . This is part of the service that has been confusing alot of people for many years. We’re sent our reporters out, and we’ve recieved the following explanations of what “The Peace” actually is:

  • Church Rugby Team taking part in a scrum practice, during the wrong time.
  • “Crazy Hug Minute”
  • A moment to remind yourself that you’re part of something larger then yourself
  • Time to plot with people what they want to drink after the service
  • “Chance to chat up The Grace” (Editors Note – We’re going to get this guy some help…)
Anything we’ve missed?

What is “The Grace”

Every now and then in Church circles, people may hear the words “The Grace” used. Now “The Grace” may refer to one of a few different options:

  1. A prayer that people say before eating food. The length of this prayer varies depending on how thankful they are, and how much longer they can wait before eating.
  2. That hot lass down the road.
  3. The part of the service where people stand and look around smiling at each while saying the following prayer based on 2 Corinthians Chapter 13

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us all,
now and evermore.

No its (probably) not written down anywhere …

The Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church

We’re getting our heads around a new series of posts in which we try and cast some light over some of the stuff we do in Church.

The first random Church thing we’ll probably try and fail at explaining will be “The Grace”, and will probably be written in the style of our Church Sofa Lists.

Can you think of any random Church  thing for us to look at?