16th July

July 16, 2021 ThatAndy 0

With thanks to Asbo Jesus… ThatAndyMarried. Dad. Blogger / WordPress / Web / Social media Guy Photographer. Support worker. Short sentences. I write Bio in. […]

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Theres nothing here…

July 12, 2021 ThatAndy 0

Consider this an art piece. Expressing the madness of setting a piece to go live on the morning after a football match. Anyway… Whatever the […]

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What does hope look like?

September 28, 2020 ThatAndy 1

Something a little different for this post. I’m going to attempt to actually blog something. I’ve been been mulling something for a few days. What […]

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Man Verses Alexa

August 22, 2020 ThatAndy 0

Me: “Alexa play me a podcast” Alexa: “I’m still learning to find recommendations but you can ask for a podcast by name.” Me: “Ok… Alexa, Play […]