Did Jim Bakker Say That God Can’t Hear Prayers Through a Mask?


Well… Someone could possible imagine Jim Bakker saying:

How can you go to church and pray when you’re wearing a mask? Do you think God can hear your prayers through a mask?” —- Televangelist Jim Bakker

Which is a quote from a now deleted tweet (poor guy), which according to snopes, is itself quoting a satire website thebiznews.org… which from the looks of it appears to be The Babylon Bee for the other side of the force.

So thats a lot of quotes from quotes there.

Whats my point?

Can we please be careful over the information we all share? This isn’t a “Twitter thing” at all, but its about the information we all share with each other. (Be it on Twitter, WhatsApp prayer groups, Church Facebook groups, etc)

Can I suggest one thing to combat misinformation like this?

If it sounds crazy too good to be true, google it.

If it sounds crazy bad – or just crazy, google it.

And obviously, if you see The Sofa share something. Feel free to tweet him about it. Nicely….

Looking Back At My Christian Goals For 2020

crop office employee taking notes in notebook at table

Alright, so I’ve just stumbled on a list of Christian goals I wrote for 2020. As they were posted up here, I’m fairly certain they were goals that were not meant to be taken seriously, I wanted to take a moment to look at how they had all gone.

Warning. If you want to read a tale of achievement, look away now. (Actually this probably isn’t the blog for you anyway)

Here is how I did with my planned goals for 2020. (Or at least some of them – I wrote quite a few goals down…)

Go to church once or twice.Well the good news is I succeeded here. I did indeed go to church once or twice. Doesn’t feel like much more in person…

“Learn Ancient Greek” So I went from having super low expectations to either having super high expectations… I hope I was just joking. (Ancient Greek readers – Please don’t hate me)… most of these comments could also apply to when I wrote “read the bible”. (Put the burning pitchforks down people – I think I meant reading all of it)

“Pray every now and then”.

Praying “God. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?” counts right?

“Enjoy Gods Not Dead 3.” It hasn’t seemed to make it to Netflix… So I guess that one remains on my “watch list”.

“Enjoy Church Squash” I guess one disadvantage to lockdown is that I’m confined to drinking my own squash?

“Read any book” I’ve just finished reading “Checkpoint” – Basically a look at how video games help our mental health. Totally recommended. Get it here, and I might get a few pence because of it.

“Write that ebook I joked about once”

I actually forgot about this one. I think the idea was to take the argument “its not in the Bible”, and take everything that we assume is ok, or “biblical”, and try and work out where it came from.

Perhaps this is the year for it?

What does hope look like?

Something a little different for this post. I’m going to attempt to actually blog something.

I’ve been been mulling something for a few days.

What does sharing hope online look like?

Does it look like a sharing a post from your church inviting people to attend their online service? (Possibly not? Possibly it could be?) Does it look like sharing an image with an encouraging Bible verse?

I’d love to hear your ideas and examples?

Man Verses Alexa

Me: “Alexa play me a podcast”

Alexa: “I’m still learning to find recommendations but you can ask for a podcast by name.”

Me: “Ok… Alexa, Play me the mid faith crisis podcast.”

Alexa: “I’m still learning to find recommendations but you can ask for podcast by name”

Me: “mid faith crisis”

Alexa: I’m not sure how to help you with that”