COMING SOON to a sofa near you

Hey everyone. It’s ThisAndy here. I’ve got some exciting news for some of you.

Are you a man? Are you a Christian? Do you know a man who is a Christian? Then this might be for you, or someone you know….

Brothers in Christ is a new group I’m starting on facebook. It’s a group to encourage men in their faith and daily lives. I’ve seen a growing need for men to support each other in their faith, to offer advice and support to those who are struggling and for men to step up to be more like Christ. No easy feat! This group isn’t affiliated to any specific church or denomination, the aim is to bring men together with a wide experience to benefit everyone.

This group will help you focus on Christ and become the man He is calling you to be.

To make sure you’re among the first to know when the group goes live follow Brothers in Christ on Twitter or Facebook.

Do You Need a 2014 Calendar?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014. Now I know that apart from writing the date wrong for a few days its mostly going to be business as usual, but there are a few things that need to be organised as we go into the new year, such as which 2014 calendar do you need?

There are many many options you can choose from such as a Mums Family Calendar, a Big Bang Theory Calendar, or even one featuring Border Collies.

Have you considered a calendar featuring Vatican Priests?

Vatican Priest Calendar

Available for just 10 Euros from the streets of Italy or online at

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The Sixty Minute Marriage

Just a quick note.

And I think I’m talking to husbands / guys in any relationship here.

Do your relationship a favour and read this book.

Granted it took me some 7oish mins, but I’m not a fast reader.

I’m not saying it will transform your relationship, but it may help to spend some time focusing on it for a while.

Now I’m going to disappear and try and work out why I didn’t read this years ago…


Video Games Are Just Stupid… apparently

Are lego video games as stupid as Mark Driscoll reckons?So. Last night, myself and Mrs Mac go out, have a nice meal, come back and spend a fairly amazing couple of hours playing Lego Harry Potter. Mrs Mac loved it. It’s a fun, cheerful, playable, and a really quite funny video game. And a fun way to spend her 30th birthday.

According to this well known Bible teacher… that was stupid:


There are comments on youtube that suggest he meant people that spend hours / days on games like WoW, not video games in general. Do you think thats what he meant?

Are sweeping statements like this helpful from the pulpit?

A Valentine’s Day Something…

I don’t normally like posting multiple youtube type videos, but Tim Hawkins is funnier then me ranting about the Hallmark Holiday known as Valentine’s Day…

The Church Sofa Lads had nothing to do with putting this together by the way… in other words please dont blame us for the cheesy titles…

Sorrow and Joy

A little bit of poetry, with thanks to @richardlittleda who suggested reading this while I was pondering the relationship between hating going to Church, but loving being there…

Sorrow and Joy
By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Sorrow and Joy:
startled senses striking suddenly on our
seem, at the first approach, all but impossible
of just distinction one from the other:
even as frost and heat at the first keen contact
burn us alike

Joy and Sorrow,
hurled from the height of heaven in meteor fashion,
flash in an arc of shining menace o’er us.
Those they touch are left
stricken amid the fragments
of their colourless, usual lives.
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