Easter Ideas for Christian Pets

closeup photo of brown and black dog face

With Easter around the corner, its time to start thinking about celebrating Easter. Which obviously means Easter Eggs all round right?

What about about the pets in families that are celebrating Easter? How can they join in?

Enter. Pets At Home with this…


An Easter Egg to share with small animals, I might get one for the guinea pigs…

(Yes you can also get some for your dog and cats as well!)

The Stages of Lent – Where have you reached?

Sofa. Being a Church Sofa, has a habit of hanging out in Churches, and with Church people. As part of that Sofa has seen what people put themselves through during Lent. There appears to be different stages of coping with giving something up for Lent…

That moment when you happily accept the challenge…

You dont need any of that stuff over the next 40 days…

Image result for lent gifs

You know you’re ready for anything over the next 40 days…

Hang on…. How many days?

Big Bang Theroy Stressed GIF - BigBangTheroy Stressed Hyperventilating GIFs

And now you really want chocolate…

Image result for stress gifs

Its ok. Its nearly Easter…

Image result for chocolate gifs

Well this is based on what I’ve seen from other people. Is there anything you would add to the above?

A TShirt For An Introverted Christian At Lent

Are you wanting a TShirt to mark Lent?

Are you fed up of giving up the “spiritually great stuff” for lent? (EG. Facebook, alcohol, chocolate)

Are you fed up of taking up “spiritually great stuff” for Lent? (EG. Praying for neighbours, being generous, doing something to look after the environment)

Wanting to mark Lent with something honest?

This could be the TShirt for you! (affliate link)

I'm giving up people for lent this year - Funny Lent T Shirt

Grab it from Amazon, and have a peaceful Lent!