How should a Christian parent respond if their child says “I’m Gay”…

Two approaches. The first is from John MacArthur in a Youtube video called “How to Respond to a Homosexual Child”.

Second approach is from the pen of AsboJesus.


Feel free to compare, contrast, and comment on the differences between the two.


Debate Tuesday – Halloween or not to Halloween?

church Sofa

Tomorrow, if you hadn’t already noticed, is October 31st. Generally also known as Halloween. There seems to be a few degrees of how Christians accept Halloween. Some people embrace it, possibly put on events like above, or go trick or treating.

Some people give out bible readings, and Christian branded bits and pieces.

Others dont answer the door.

What do you do?

Do you see any thing wrong with Halloween?

Do you or your church do anything over Halloween, or do you try and ignore it?

[Edit]Crimperman, and NinjaMonk have shared their views on Halloween.

Debate Tuesday: Working on a Sunday.

Another quick question this week.

Partly inspired by a conversation I had years ago in a pub.

Working on a Sunday. Are you ok with it? Or do you disagree with it?

If you disagree with it, how do you feel about people who do work on Sundays? 

Should Sunday be kept special?

Debate Tuesday – Teachers ‘face sack’ for refusing to endorse gay marriage?

An interesting piece on

Teachers ‘face sack’ for refusing to endorse gay marriage

Teachers could be sacked for refusing to follow books on gay marriage, according to legal advice commissioned by the Coalition for Marriage.

Schools will be within their statutory rights to dismiss staff that wilfully fail to use stories or textbooks promoting same-sex weddings, it is claimed.

Aidan O’Neill, a senior QC and expert on religious freedom and human rights, also warned that parents who object to gay marriage being taught to their children will have no right to withdraw their child from lessons.

In a report, he said that any decision to redefine marriage would have far-reaching consequences for schools, hospitals, foster carers and public buildings.

The most serious impact is likely to be felt in the church where vicars and priests conducting religious marriage ceremonies could be taken to court for refusing to carry out a gay wedding, he said.

The conclusions – in legal advice commissioned by the Coalition for Marriage – comes amid continuing fall-out over Government plans to tear up the centuries-old law on marriage.

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Now. Isn’t this all a little messy? Basically we have legal advice gathered for the Coalition for Marriage saying that teachers could be sacked for failing to talk up gay marriage, with comments later in the telegraph report suggesting the types of activity that could be promoted for use in schools:

He outlined a fictional scenario in which a Christian teacher is asked to use a book called King & King, a story of a prince who marries a man, and produce a play based on the tale.

The QC suggested that any refusal to comply would be “grounds for her dismissal from employment” because of a legal ruling that religious belief cannot be used by employees “to demand changes in their conditions of their employment”.

So could we have situations where teachers have to teach something they are not comfortable with? Whose issue is that anyway? Wheres the love? Is this just a Christian issue? What do people outside the church think?

So many questions.

What do you think about all of this?