The @YouVersion Bible App Hits 30 Million Install Mark

Have you got an iPhone?

Have you come across the Youversion Bible App?

You should check it out. One of the great things about it, is that its makes it as easy to read the Bible on the bus, as it does on the sofa. I’ve not even begun to mention the easy access to multiple translations, note taking, and Bible plans. Simply put. It is an amazing tool to help you engage with the Bible.

The Youversion guys are also celebrating reaching the milestone of 30 million unique installs this week. As part of the celebration the follow infographic has been realised:

YouVersion 30 Million Installations Bible App Info Graphic

Further details available about the history of the youversion bible app here.

From The Archives: A Tribute

(Originally posted on February 2nd)

I’d like to say that quite clearly the two of us sat on the church sofa are not biased in anyway. At a lot times we’re complete opposites in opinion for example I clearly love chairs in church whilst the other Andy clearly loves pews* and this time is no different. You see I’m a Mac and the other misguided member of the church sofa team is a PC. So here’s a number reasons why Macs are better than PC’s.

1. My Mac still works
2. Macs do what you want them to with out much effort (i.e. connect to a wifi internet connection and you can use the internet, no fiddling round with IP addresses)
3. Macs are sexy
4. Macs are ready to go out the box – everything is already there install a few extra applications you want and you’re set
5. My Mac still works
6. You only need anti virus so that you don’t pass on PC viruses to PC users, the just don’t do anything to Mac at the moment
7. Loads up quickly – turn a mac on and it asks for your password, turn a PC on you go and make a cup of tea and then wait for it finish

And did I mention my Mac still works?

I’m sure there will be an appropriate Why PCs are better post soon, well as soon as the other Andy fixes his PC/buys a Mac.

If you can think of any other reasons please post them below.

*to be honest I can’t really remember which way round the chair and pew thing was anymore.

**Please note this post is made in jest and is not a definitive guide on why Macs are better than PC’s and The Church Sofa still remain entirely unbiased on this issue.

Want To Help Build Noah’s Ark?


Want to help Noah get his Ark built?

Want to help get all the animals together, and ensure they don’t starve?

Now you can with thanks to the Noah’s Ark game on Facebook, according to the Making Fun Games website:

Play the game based on the well-known story of Noah’s Ark. Help Noah and his family prepare before the flood arrives. Attract, feed, and take care of cute animals, plant and harvest crops, and chop wood that will be used to build the ark. The game is suitable for players of all ages and levels.

So its just like Farmville then?

Cant help but compare this a little to ChristianChirp – the Christian alternative to Twitter… But I suppose at least you have to be part of Facebook to play.


What Is This Twitter Thing?

Ok. I know that alot of our guests on the church sofa have met us on Twitter… but a fair few people also don’t seem to know a lot about it…

Well here’s a couple of links for you:

The Big Bible Project presents a guide to #Twitter for Christians. It ranges from discussing how the Church embraces new technology, to how Twitter is used.

Once you’ve given that a read – DigiMission guides you through signing up for a Twitter account!

If you do decide to sign up for Twitter account don’t forget to follow us!