Introducing a new Bible translation…

A new bible translation from the makers of Church Sofa*.

Instead of reading the Bible, you can now eat it – and it will taste sweet! Each verse being one sweet!

Coming soon to a Christian book shop near you!

*Nah, we’re not making this. But if we were, there would be an interesting story involving our first book, and an autocorrect fail.

Do Christians Meet On Holiday?

Welcome to August!

That time when people in the UK generally seem to go on holiday, and I dont know about you, sometimes I research online before we go anywhere.

If you’ve ended up researching if Christians meet on holiday? Hopefully this will help!

Anything that should be added?

A Plug.

Is there a way to have a self indulgent plug about another website, and have no one notice?

What if I include a photo of a plug?

What if I come up with a way of rating how much of “a plug”, “a plug” is. (Obviously the highest score would be an actual electrical plug)

What if I said that the editor of this fair blog had a website that was a collection of photography, and other creative endeavors? If I said that website was found here at, would any one notice such a blatant plug?

Or would it be as subtle as a Church Treasurer explaining that the church needs more money?

5 Hours After I Stop…

This is me,

Five hours after I “stop” looking up stuff online, and go for an early night…

The great thing is, people always presume little Sofa is responsible for me not sleeping…