The Second Hand Church Department

Well. Today, we’re larking around the world of Devon – as we sometimes do, and (because sometimes its nice to do the tourist “thing”), we found ourselves in ourselves in a random lil Church. After having a nose around we came across a random stack of shelves containing a selection of second hand items on sale, to raise cash for the Churches upkeep. The shelves in question didn’t have much, but it included the following:

  • A rugby world cup 2003 book.
  • A book featuring Boy George with Devil horns.
  • The Da Vinci code
  • A broken CD case (which we think) included a CD of “17 steamy tunes”.
  • A totally pirated copy of a Texas CD – including hand written song titles.
What weird and inappropriate items have found on sale in a church?

Y-walk for Exeter YMCA

ThisAndy of TheChurchSofa is going to be walking 15 miles across Dartmoor (for those of you who don’t know a very big, fairly empty place, with giant rocks and things in the way, otherwise known as moorland) this Saturday (10th September).

You may be wandering why anyone would do this, well it’s to raise money for the work of Exeter YMCA, the charity that ThisAndy works for. Exeter YMCA work with homeless and vulnerable young people in and around Exeter as well as working in prisons and the unemployed. As I’m sure you’re aware 15 miles is a long way and a lot of it is uphill 🙁 so if you’d consider sponsoring ThisAndy to do it that would be great and make it feel a lot more like a worthwhile activity.


If you want to sponsor Andy please click here

Or if you would like to know more about Exeter YMCA or the Ywalk event please click here


All the money raised on Y-Walk will go directly to Exeter YMCA’s work in helping homeless young people in Devon. Youth homelessness is on the rise and by sponsoring ThisAndy to take part in Y-Walk you can be part of the solution. Through your support, Exeter YMCA is able to provide 14,000 nights accommodation a year to vulnerable young people. We also provide tailored support, helping our young people to overcome the problems which have blighted their pasts. Finally, we equip our young people to lead positive, happy and fulfilling futures.

The Church Sofa T Shirt Vote

Ok. A While back we asked what you would like to see on a Church / Church Sofa TShirt.

The Nominations are in.

What would you like to see on a ChurchSofa T Shirt?

Please place your vote below! (You can vote for more then one – but not for all of them)

[poll id=”3″]

The Winning slogans will be announced… at somepoint.

Sell Greenbelt To Me!

I have something to admit.

While “This Andy” is a Greenbelt regular, I have never actually gone along. But I have to admit, the combination of this years line up, and watching the #gb11 twitter stream has kinda made me want to go. Actually I wanted to go this year – but thats a whole different story…

So – if you have any opinions about Greenbelt, I have some questions for you!

  • In your words, what is it?
  • Is it worth going along?
  • Why is it worth going along?
  • Would you drag your non Christian mates along?
Really really interested in what you reckon, particularly that last point. I’d love to hear what you reckon either in the comments below, via the email link to your left, or on Twitter ( we’re @thechurchsofa )