Don’t Go To Church – A Christian Mug for 2020

Are you still getting used to not going to Church on a Sunday morning?

Do you need a reminder to go onto Facebook / Youtube?

Or do you need a subtle way of telling people over video chat to… well, not go to Church?

This could be the mug for you

Available from redbubble.

(Pin badges are also available!)

Note about this morning.

Just a reminder,

It’s ok if you over slept.

It’s ok if you ran around before Church.

It’s if you were late.

Also a reminder

It’s not ok if you went to a Church Gathering, that’s not social distancing. It’s also not loving your neighbour.

It’s also not ok if you switched the video chat on before you’d finished getting dressed for Church.

Dear Church, (a letter)

Dear Church,

Sofa needs to confess. Sometimes he’s a little silly, and takes the mick. The thing is. Its sometimes just so easy. (Have you seen Jim B?)

But in this instance, I want to say Well Done, and Thank You.

To those who stepped outside their comfort zone, and embraced a different approach to Church. Thank You.

To those who took part in other peoples crazy ideas. Thank You.

To those who worked behind the scenes to create youtube channels, update websites, send social media links. Thank You.

To those who stepped out to help their community. Thank You.

To those who stepped in front of a camera, and recorded themselves a million times until they were happy enough. Thank You.

To those who encourage. Thank You.

To those who I’ve not included above. I’m sorry.

Yours sincerely.