Them: Live biblically

Every now and then, Twitter plays a game. Recently a game has been played which I’ll call “Live biblically”.

I don’t know how “Live Biblically” started, but it seems to be based around people being told to live biblically, then actually thinking about what it means. (In their own personal opinion…)

Here’s some some of my favourites…

Have a look over at Twitter for… quite a few more.

For a slightly different take, check out the What Would Jesus Do Generator.

Do You Need A Christian Calendar?

Do you still need a calendar for 2019?

How about something a little Christian?

What about something a little fun?

What if I told you there was yet another edition of the “Nuns Having Fun Wall Calendar?” (affiliate link)

According to Amazon:

They work hard, they pray hard–and they do it with gusto! Twenty-four sweet photos display the delightful, adventurous, and joyfully unexpected sides of convent life, every month. With sweet, witty captions offered up by Maureen Kelly and Jeffrey Stone, coauthors of the New York Times bestselling Growing Up Catholic. A sister leading an Irish jug: “But Sister Bridget, we’re Polish!” Beaming under an umbrella: “The forecast calls for manna from heaven today.” On a motorbike: “I know a shortcut to the highway to heaven.” And nuns with a heavy string of the day’s catch: “Good things come to those who bait!”

Sounds great for someones wall.

Grab it from Amazon!!!!

Something For The new Christian in Your Church?

Have you got a new Christian in your Church? 

There can be many questions: When do you stand? How much Communion wine is to much Communion Wine? And what do all those words mean? Why does it feel all a little bit “The greater good” at times? 

Dont send them on a 10 week course, invest in a course of Christianese Tapes instead!* 

Ok, so this “tape” may not actually exist – but if someone would like to create a series of podcasts for me that would be great!